Easter Games You Can Play Outdoors Or At The Computer

Easter Bunny Pig. This funny little scenario involving my two dogs, a bunny rabbit in the backyard, and some Easter eggs reminded me that there’s lots of FUN to be enjoyed around Easter… if you think outside the box! What follows are some fun outdoor Easter games you can play with kids (and adults), plus some online interactive Easter games for people of all ages who are spending Easter at the computer. (Tomorrow’s post: Fun ways to photograph Easter.)

But first, here’s a cute little song & video featuring a rappin’ bunny rabbit that might make you smile. (You can even send this to your friends as an online Easter greeting card.)


Fun Outdoor Easter Games

Easter’s here, and it’s a great time to be a kid!

Here are some unusual Easter egg games you can play outdoors. Children will love ’em (…so will many adults). C’mon… let yourself be a kid again! 

Awesome Egg Races — try the Scrambled Eggs Race or the Eggs Uphill Race.

Outdoor Easter Games — fun games for kids including: Bunny Pokey, Easter Egg Blow, Spoon & Egg Course, Swinging Basket, Hopping Activity, Bunny Buzz, Easter Egg Roll, Easter Bunny Skipping Game, Bunny Flop, Egg’s Out Game, Cardboard Egg Hop Game, Pin The Tail On The Bunny, and Hoppin’ Down The Bunny Trail.

Outdoor Games For Kids — check out the Hula Hoop Toss, Obstacles Course, Lilly Pad Leap, Hen & Chicks Game.

Easter Party Games & Activities — lots of great advice for throwing your own Easter Egg Hunt and/or Easter Parade, staging some fun games (Egg Rolling, Egg Toss, Pass The Easter Egg, Easter Egg Bowling, Egg & Spoon Race) and other Easter activities (like Easter Candy Toss, Easter Bunny Tag, Duck Walk Race, Guess The Number Of Jellybeans Game).


Interactive Online Easter Games

Easter eggs in grass.While most of the following Easter-themed computer games are geared toward kids, adults will appreciate the creativity and possible outcomes from these Easter games. Enjoy!

  • Egg Hunt – See if you can find all 12 easter eggs. As you find one, drag it to the easter basket. Then, after you find them all, hide them yourself… and see if the next player can find them.
  • Easter Stereograms – You know those pictures that play tricks on your eyes, where, if you focus real hard, you can eventually see the word that’s hidden in the background? Try these Easter ones!
  • Jerry’s Easter Egg Hunt – Try to find the (very-well) hidden easter eggs in this picture. Point your mouse over different spots. Warning… they’re very hard to find.
  • Easter Jigsaw Puzzles – You choose whether you want to try the 9-piece puzzle, or the 64-piece puzzle. Lots of different easter puzzles to choose from!
  • Online Egg Decorating – Here you can paint your own Easter eggs — ONLINE! You can pick an egg that’s already painted a solid color and add decorations and shapes to it. OR… you can paint a white egg with various colors placed exactly where you want them. OR… you can write on an easter egg — your own name or a phrase.
  • Easter Memory Game – This simple game is actually fairly difficult, because a pink bunny looks like a pink bunny. But, they’re actually slightly different in appearance. Can you win this game?
  • Bunny Tic Tac Toe – You are the green bunny, try not to let the purple bunny win. Good luck!

Lynnette Walczak

Lynnette Walczak

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