Zombie Party Ideas: Here’s Everything You Need To Throw A Zombie Apocalypse Party


Throwing a zombie invasion party -- for Halloween or any time of year -- is the perfect way to infect your friends with a little undead fun! I encourage you to go beyond simply asking your party guests to wear zombie-themed costumes though. Instead, take it to the next level and zombify your party with: Zombie party invitations Zombie party food Zombie party decorations Zombie party favors Here are some fun ideas for planning your very own Zombie Apocalypse … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Ways To Decorate Football Cupcakes & Score Big At Your Superbowl Party!


Football cupcakes are all the rage -- both at tailgate parties and at the big Superbowl party you're planning for the end of this year's football season. If you're going to have friends over to watch the Superbowl game, cupcakes are a simple way to integrate team colors into your Super Bowl party food and decor. They're also the perfect way to add fun to your party while showing off your own style and creativity. The following collection of cupcake ideas, tips, and recipes will help you … [Read more...]

Really Gross Halloween Recipes & Videos


Following are step-by-step instructions for making some of the most gruesome looking Halloween foods that I've ever seen. (And I've seen a lot of scary Halloween foods!) The best part... As gross as these foods look, they're all 100% edible!   Gross Halloween Recipes First, here are a few of my favorite gross Halloween recipes to try: … [Read more...]

How To Host A Fun Retro Party Using Retro Food Recipes


What's old is new these days.  Why not try a retro theme the next time you throw a party, give a gift or send a card? Whether the recipient is young or old makes no difference.  Just taking things back to an earlier point in time will bring back fond memories or give them a whole new look at how the world was back then. At your retro party you will want to serve classic party dishes that were popular during that era. Here are some ideas: Retro food recipes Food of the 70s … [Read more...]

Creative Uses For A Jack-o-Lantern Besides Making Pumpkin Pie

As Fall progresses, we finish up with Halloween and start thinking about Thanksgiving. Visions of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie have probably come to mind already. Now's the time to start gathering party ideas and recipes to make your Thanksgiving feast special. For starters, let's explore the many ways that you could put all of those pumpkins you carved to good use. Psst! It looks like someone just told this fellow that he's the key ingredient today... … [Read more...]