How To Make A Wish List / Gift Registry Online For Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding & Baby Showers: Amazon Universal Wish List!


I've been using Amazon's Universal Wish List for the past 5 years or so. It'a great way to maintain a Christmas Wish List or Birthday Wish List -- for yourself or for friends that you like to buy gifts for. It can also be used as a universal Gift Registry for an upcoming wedding shower or baby shower -- your own or someone else's. It's free. It's easy.  I absolutely love it. Here's why: … [Read more...]

Shopping Online For Holiday Gifts? How To Find The Best Holiday Shopping Deals Online

Shopping online for holiday gifts. photo by Perfecto Insecto on Flickr

The holiday season can be a very stressful time of year. Browsing from shop to shop in hopes of finding that one gift you’re looking for usually ends in frustration when you discover that it is either out of stock or impossible to find altogether. Stores can be congested, loud and crowded -- making your holiday experience more one of dread than cheer. It’s times like these that the ease and hassle-free method of holiday shopping online really shines through. But, most importantly, … [Read more...]

A Unique Gift Idea: Write A Handwritten Letter Instead Of Buying A Gift


A handwritten letter means so much. It means more than a typed or emailed letter. It even means more than a short, quickly penned note. Chances are, if you give someone a handwritten letter as a gift, it will be cherished more than a store-bought gift would be. In addition, a letter will be read more than once and cherished for years to come. Yep, your handwriting and heartfelt feelings shared with someone you care about is the most personal gift you can give someone. (This is more true … [Read more...]

7 Fun Ways To Make Unique Gift Registries For Any Occasion


Gift registries aren't just for weddings anymore. These days, people are using gift registries for all sorts of special occasions, including: birthdays anniversaries graduations (high school and college) baby showers No matter what the occasion, a gift registry is a good idea because, after all, who hasn't wound up with a gift they either couldn't use, didn't like, or didn't want? (Sometimes a gift is so bad you can't even regift it!) Setting up a gift registry is one way to … [Read more...]

Homemade Food Gifts: How To Make Creative Gifts From Your Own Kitchen


Who's got the money, these days, to be buying expensive pre-packaged food gifts for every occasion? Giving homemade food gifts created in your own kitchen adds a personal touch. You have to admit, fresh made foods without preservatives just taste so much better too.  Here are some great frugal food gifts to make and give as gifts. Plus, some food gift baskets that are easy to make.   … [Read more...]

How To String Car Christmas Lights On Your Vehicle For The Holidays


You've seen it -- every year at Christmas time, people decorate their cars festively to celebrate the holiday season. Maybe you've decorated your vehicle in the past. Will you be decorating your car again this year? Well, if you've never decorated your car in a Christmassy way before, following are some fun ideas to get you started.   … [Read more...]

A Fun Christmas Giving Idea: Help Somebody If You Can


Christmas is a joyous time of the year filled with gifts and gatherings -- where people enjoy the fellowship of family and friends. The classic image of Christmas is watching children opening gifts with wide eyes and wide smiles as the whole family gathers around the Christmas tree. But for many, this wonderful time of year falls short -- with feelings of solitude, loneliness and even worry about where the next meal is going to come from. For a family in desperate need, there will be very … [Read more...]