Fun Things To Do With Leftover Easter Candy


It's probably a safe bet to say you will have plenty of candy leftover after Easter. I've found myself in this predicament dozens of times. Following are the best ways to put leftover Easter candy to good use, including: chocolate Easter bunnies Easter M&Ms jelly beans marshmallow peeps creme eggs ...and more!   Leftover Chocolate Candy Chocolate bunnies or Easter eggs can be easily melted in a double boiler or even in the microwave. Once the chocolate … [Read more...]

Got Rabbits? Carl Szmolinsky Does… Big Ones!


Those are some big bunnies! I received this picture via email last year. But it wasn't until recently that I saw a special on ABC about Karl Szmolinsky and his large rabbits. His story is pretty interesting... Read more about Carl Szmolinsky and the rabbits he is breeding.   UPDATE: Darius is now the World's Largest Rabbit, as seen in this video... … [Read more...]

Easter Games You Can Play Outdoors Or At The Computer

porch pig wearing funny glasses & easter bunny ears

This funny little scenario involving my two dogs, a bunny rabbit in the backyard, and some Easter eggs reminded me that there's lots of FUN to be enjoyed around Easter... if you think outside the box! What follows are some fun outdoor Easter games you can play with kids (and adults), plus some online interactive Easter games for people of all ages who are spending Easter at the computer. (Tomorrow's post: Fun ways to photograph Easter.)But first, here's a cute little song & video featuring … [Read more...]