Natural Heart Shapes Found In Unusual Places


I know I've seen my share of heart-shaped rocks. How about you? Well, in honor of Valentine's Day (or just because I'm a sucker for hearts and love in general), I share with you these unique places that a heart shape has appeared naturally across the world. The following photos of natural heart shapes run the gamut from cloud shapes to tree shapes... food shapes to flower shapes... and everything in between. Enjoy!   photo credit   Heart of Santori (a.k.a. the … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Have A Green Halloween


Today, everyone needs to be conscious of the environment and Halloween is no exception. When choosing costumes, decorating your yard and giving out treats, I encourage you to make it a green Halloween this year! Here are some fun and easy ways to be green during Halloween...   #1 Give Treasures vs Candy When you head down the aisles of your local store in search of Halloween treats, think treasures instead of candy. … [Read more...]