How To Make A Pinata: Paper Mache Pinata Instructions + Tips + Videos


A pinata brings life to a party -- especially an outdoor party!If you're going to hang a traditional pinata indoors, then make sure that you have lots of wide open space -- such as a basement -- otherwise, your home decor could get in the way when your party guests are swinging away.Pinatas aren't that expensive to buy, but it's a lot more fun to make your own. You can also involve the kids in this fun craft project.Following are step-by-step instructions for making a variety of … [Read more...]

Top Adult And Kids Halloween Costumes ~ Current Trends


After perusing various lists of the top Halloween costumes for this year from a number of sources (including the National Retail Federation), I've compiled the best of the best costume trends here for you.So, if you haven't decided on your Halloween costume yet, you're in luck. There's still time.Choosing one of these costumes might give you an edge in the Halloween costume contest this year! More people plan to dress up for the holiday than ever before — 40.1% compared with 33.4% last … [Read more...]

Is Your Child About To Start Kindergarten? Best Tips For Parents Preparing Their Kids For The First Day Of Kindergarden


August is national Get Ready For Kindergarten Month. This is a celebration to support a happy entry into kindergarten for the almost 2 million children in the US. Going to kindergarten is a life-changing event not only for the child, but also for parents, siblings and educators. Tips are provided to help smooth the way for an easy transition. Source So, do you feel like you're a bit unprepared to send your child off for their first day of Kindergarten?You're not alone! Every parent has … [Read more...]

Dozens Of Group Halloween Costumes You Can Make For Kids And Adults


Halloween is a great holiday to get together with friends.Why not pick a theme for your group and then make your own group costume?I've done this with my friends when I was younger. Not only is making the costumes together fun, but so is shopping at thrift stores (which I highly recommend, by the way).If you are missing any parts for your group Halloween costume or simply don't want to use your own clothes because you'd have to alter them in some way, then thrift stores are … [Read more...]

Hundreds Of Kids Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself


Making your own Halloween costume -- especially a kid's costume -- can be one of the best experiences for all involved, including the parents and the child.I remember my parents helping me to come up with Halloween costume ideas, and then helping me find the items I need to put the costume together.Store-bought costumes were just not purchased very often at my house. Being creative and coming up with our own costumes was much more fun!Following are some great ideas for making your … [Read more...]

Top 10 College Care Package Ideas


Even if you don't have a child who is college age and away at school, I'll bet you know someone who is.College kids are nearly always short on something (or broke, as most of us know from personal experience), so getting a care package from home can be a really nice treat.This is especially true if they have been living on Ramen noodles and Cheetos. And if it's the middle of the quarter or semester, then you can almost bet that money is going to be tight until they can go get their … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts & Fun Stuff For Adults And Kids


Do you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day?I do. And yes, I'm of Irish ancestry.But you don't have to be Irish to celebrate the day of the Patron Saint of Ireland. You probably should believe in leprechauns, but that isn't necessary either.The only requirement to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to enjoy having fun!For starters, try making green shaving cream arts & crafts.Following are more fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts to consider... … [Read more...]

Everything You Want To Know About The Leprechaun


Leprechauns live only in Ireland, which is also known as The Emerald Isle.It is said that Leprechauns are a type of male fairy and are a class of fairy folk that live near Fairy Rings, which are ancient Celtic earthworks or drulins.The word Leprechaun is Gaelic for shoemaker, which makes sense because the occupation of a Leprechaun is a shoemaker to the fairies.According to Irish mythology, Leprechauns were once mighty warriors. An evil magician and his army conquered Ireland in a … [Read more...]

Ideas For A Valentine’s Day Filled With Fun For Your Kids

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate with those you love.Though the kids may be going to Grandma's later on so you can enjoy a romantic evening together, be sure to take the time to make them feel special on this day that celebrates love, as well.Following are some fun ways to include the kids on Valentine's Day, and have FUN at the same time!I hope you enjoy these fun things you can do all day long with kids on Valentine's Day... MorningStart your child's day by … [Read more...]