Practical Gift Ideas For All Occasions

Looking for unique gift ideas?… I use Christmas and Birthdays as a time to introduce people to new things. I like to give gifts like practical and handy gadgets, ingenius time-savers, or just clever inventions that few people even knew existed.

Colorful Cartoon Prints As Gifts

Need a creative gift idea for someone? Check out these colorful cartoon prints. They can be personalized, and they make great (somewhat comical) keepsakes for people of all ages.


Unique Pumpkins We Carved & Gourds We Gored For Halloween

Well, we did it again! We procrastinated (actually just too busy) and we didn’t get around to carving our pumpkins until 1 hour before the trick-or-treaters started arriving! Anyway, here are photos of the pumpkins we decided to carve…

Pumpkin Carving Tips: How To Use Templates & Pumpkin Lights

Pumpkin Carving 101 Part 2: Pumpkin Carving & Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Here’s a collection of the best tips for carving your next Halloween pumpkin with ease… and how to improve your odds of your carved design looking like a masterpiece!…

Step-by-Step How To Carve Pumpkins

Here is, step-by-step, how we document the annual ritual of turning an ordinary pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern… plus our best tips for carving pumpkins!