Have You Ever Seen A Leprechaun Before? (Hilarious Video!)

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These people have:


Funny, right?

Now, check out these fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day…


According to Hallmark:

four-leaf_clover2.jpg50% of all St. Patrick’s Day card sales occur during the 10 days before St. Patrick’s Day.

four-leaf_clover2.jpg Hallmark St. Patrick’s Day card sales are highest in the Northeast, with Boston being the top city.

four-leaf_clover2.jpg Industry-wide, Americans will exchange about 9 million St. Patrick’s Day cards in 2006, making it the ninth-largest card-sending occasion in the United States.


According to a National Retail Federation survey:

four-leaf_clover2.jpg 84.5 million consumers plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year.

four-leaf_clover2.jpg 15 million people plan to decorate their home or office with St. Patrick’s Day merchandise.

four-leaf_clover2.jpg 12.7 million Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a private party.

four-leaf_clover2.jpg 19.8 million people plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in a bar or restaurant.