Photos + Videos Of The Worst Halloween Costumes Ever!

by Lynnette

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These first few were rated among the worst Halloween costumes by Threadbanger (as seen in the video below):

Okay, that was a brief summary. Now watch the video to see what those costumes really look like:


But that’s not all.

Following are some great collections of the worst Halloween costumes ever!…

Who knows, you might find a way to turn some of these rather creative ideas that made the worst list into a better Halloween costume that rates as one of the best.

Worst Halloween Costumes Ever

Below is just a sampler of some of the worst costumes. Click on the list names to see photos for them all.

Some are DIY costumes that you can make yourself. Others are actual Halloween costumes that you can buy.

Of course being labeled as “the worst” is simply a matter of opinion. Obviously, someone thought they were “the best” Halloween costumes ever!

TIP: Many of the photos and descriptions are best viewed at home, rather than at work.

VIDEO: Taking Your Halloween Costume Too Far – the Human Toilet Seat

7 Halloween Costumes To Avoid – instead of Sarah Palin… go as Levi Johnston; instead of Where The Wild Things Are… go as H.R. Puffinstuff; instead of dead celebrities like Michael Jackson… go as living celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor or Kirk Douglas; instead of a Zombie or Vampire, go as a Banshee; instead of Balloon Boy… go as the Old Man from the movie UP

13 Of The Most Tasteless Halloween Costumes Ever – Free Mammograms, a Priest and a Young Boy, Giving Birth to a Baby, a Box of Tampons.

25 Of The Most Insane Halloween Costumes From Around The World – Santa and his Reindeer, Party in my Pants, a Camel (for couples), a Bike with Speedometer (?)

20 Halloween Costumes That Will Earn You A Beating – Spongebob (for an adult man), a Breathalyzer Machine (for an adult man), a Lock and Key (for couples), Baby and Mommy (for an adult man), a One Night Stand (solo costume), God’s Gift to Women

bearded-woman-costume-by-SanFranAnnie.jpg Worst Halloween Costumes For Cheap People – the Rap Star Goatee, South Park’s Cartman costume, a Doggie Dojo martial arts costume for your dog, Pumpkin Booby Tassels (locally grown)

Slideshow Of The Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes… Ever! – Down for the Count, Wet T-shirt Contest Winner, Zombie Baby costume, Hooters costume for guys, Sperm Man, Biggest Show On Earth, A Knight To Remember, Mangina, Slutty Cookie Monster, Jesus

My Personal Favorites

So there you have it. The worst Halloween costumes of all time!

My personal favorites are the truly tasteless ones that would make you squirm if you actually saw someone wearing them in public — like the used feminine products. The ones that include babies are also a bit much. Oh, and the human toilet… how many people could actually pull that off?!

I would also say many of the sexual innuendo ones — like the priest and little boy, “down for the count,” mangina, and “free mammograms” as ranking very high among the worst Halloween costumes ever.

There are even more incredibly tasteless Halloween costumes that I didn’t spell out here since this is mostly a G-rated site, but they’re pretty darn funny (…in an “Eeew!” kind of way). It would take a lot of guts to actually wear those costumes out in public, if you ask me.