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Edible Arrangements: Healthy Fruit Bouquets Are A Fun Alternative To Sending Cookies Or Flowers

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By Andrea

edible-arrangements-fruit-bouquet-by-BenSam.jpg Edible Arrangements are fresh fruit bouquets (including a few chocolate-dipped pieces) that are designed into beautiful flower-like creations.

Compared to cookie arrangements, these strawberry, pineapple, and melon arrangements are a much healthier way to say ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, or ‘Best of luck.’

Edible Arrangements has been in business for 10 years and there are nearly 900 locations across the U.S.

So it’s not difficult to find a store near you if you’d like to pick up an arrangement.

But even if there is not a store near you, you can still have an edible arrangement delivered to someone special.

Fun & Healthy Fruit Bouquets

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional high-sugar and high-cholesterol cookie arrangements, then Edible Arrangements might be just what you’re looking for!


All of the fruity arrangements from Edible Arrangements are made from high-quality fresh fruit.

Prices begin at $25 for a box of chocolate-dipped apples and oranges, and goes up to $200+ for the Delicious Party arrangements with a wide assortment of fruit and half of the strawberries dipped in chocolate.

What I like the most about Edible Arrangements is the fact that they make very attractive centerpieces for all of your special events!

Imagine one of the reasonably priced arrangements on each table at a wedding reception, or as the edible centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table. If you’re going to spend a fortune on flowers anyway, why not have the money serve double duty and also be part of the meal?
Reviews of Edible Arrangements

So, what do others have to say about Edible Arrangements?

Viewpoint has numerous reviews of Edible Arrangements that are both favorable and critical.

One favorable review noted the following: “All of the arrangements were delivered on the day I specified and I’m told that they were stunning and delicious. Each of the recipients was very pleased with their gift.”

One critical reviewer complained of a missed order on Valentines Day from a store in New York City.

Other negative complaints focused on poor customer service at specific stores, as well as arrangements that did not match the photo.

Overall, most reviewers were happy with the products they received from Edible Arrangements. It appears that the biggest problem with Edible Arrangements is the fact that the photos on the website are of the biggest size arrangements. So, if you order a small arrangement, it won’t look like the large arrangement in the photo.

Yelp also has reviews of Edible Arrangements on a store-by-store basis. Here are a few of them:

“Using the online website, I ordered a bouquet for my mom for Mother’s Day and it looked absolutely GORGEOUS, although not gorgeous that you didn’t want to inhale every piece of fruit!!”

“It’s definitely appealing aesthetically and it even came with a complimentary Mother’s Day balloon and teddy bear! The chocolate covered strawberries were amazing. I’d want a whole bouquet of just that. The fruits were fresh, the presentation was nice, but I took a star off because it’s a little pricey for some nicely cut fruit on a stick. In all fairness, Edible Arrangements is worth it because it’s a pleasant change from boring flowers that you can’t even consume.”

A neutral review states: “One bad thing is that when you don’t eat it fresh and you have chocolate dipped strawberries in the arrangement, every piece of fruit will smell like bad chocolate. The fruits are always fresh and they aren’t always sweet but that is what they will have to do when they are providing fruits all year long. But this is the BEST alternative to flowers….Flowers due but this… can EAT!”

Overall, according to Yelp reviewers, Edible Arrangements gets mostly positive reviews. Plus, these reviews are pretty recent.

Finally, Bargain Shopper Lady, who specializes in online deals, printable coupons and money saving tips, gives Edible Arrangements a thumbs up. Although shocked by the price at first, she then reasoned that if you are going to send a gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday, then Edible Arrangements is perfect. She also has tips for finding online coupon codes for Edible Arrangements.