New Year's Fun

101 Fun Things To Do Before You Die (…Add These To Your Bucket List!)

One book that I’ve found to be a fun read is 101 Things To Do Before You’re Old And Boring by Richard Horne and Helen Szirtes. This book is really great inspiration for making your own Bucket List! See all of the things they say you just have to try before you’re old & gray… plus my personal favorites. Also, see all of the fun Bucket List Guides we’ve created to inspire you to make your own Summer bucket list, Life bucket list, Jeeping bucket list, Travel bucket list, Dog bucket list and more!

Merry New Year! (A Frugal Person’s Proposal For The Celebration Of Christmas)

With all the hub-bub about Christmas Trees vs Holiday Trees, churches having — or not having — Sunday services on Christmas day, and all the other ‘politically correct’ ways that people have tried to un-Christmas the holiday this year… I’ve got an idea! It’s called ‘Merry New Year’…