Fun Super Bowl Activities (…That Even Non-Football Fans Will Enjoy!)

Having some friends over for a Superbowl Party?

Regardless of how well-organized your party is in terms of invitations, decorations, and food & drink… here are a few fun activities that your party guests are sure to enjoy.

Let me know how many of these fun superbowl party ideas you’ve tried…



For all the diehard football fans at your party, consider this:

Print out this Super Bowl Party Template and hand out a copy of it to each of your party guests. Everyone must turn in their completed form before the start of the game. Keep tabs on “who’s in the lead” all throughout the game, and award the game winner a special prize at the end.

To that list, you could also add these official Superbowl betting lines.

Alternative Ideas:

Stage your own Super Bowl trivia game.


For the non-football fans in the room (who otherwise wouldn’t be the least bit interested in watching the game), try this:

Give each person a form on which to list the following:

  • how long the game will last
  • which team will score first
  • which team will score last
  • whether there will be a score in the final 2 minutes of game
  • team with last possession in 1st half
  • during which half of the game will the most points be scored
  • total points scored separately by each team
  • whether the total points scored by each team will be an even number or an odd number
  • what the total points scored by both teams will be in the end

…and any other obscure things you can think of that don’t really relate to how the game is played.

At the end, tally up the votes, and reward all who picked the most popular player in each category with a small gag gift.

Alternative Ideas:

Instead of watching the game, perhaps some of the non-football fans will want to gather around the computer to learn about the basics of football and/or play football games online.

For those really not interested in football at all… you may want to consider renting movies and watching them on a TV in another room while the other half of the party watches the football game. (Psst… with Netflix you can watch movies on demand for FREE! And at Amazon you can download movies on demand for $2.50 – $4.00 per movie.)

For the kids… consider these free football party games & Superbowl activities for children.


Football fans and non-fans alike will enjoy these ideas:

Pay close attention during all the commercials and vote on each one (scale of 1-5). At the end of the night, tally up the most popular commercial among your group, and see how this compares to the “best Superbowl commercials” in the news and on the Internet the next day.

It might also be fun to invite everyone to imbibe in the true spirit of the Superbowl by playing this Super Bowl Drinking Game.


And, Just For Laughs…

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