Fun Ways To Learn The Basics Of Football… Fast!

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tennessee titans football gameNot a fan of football?

As much as I hate to admit it, that’s me.

And as hard as people have tried through the years to convince me that watching football (in person or on TV) is a fun thing to do, I just don’t buy it.

  • I’ve tried front & center in the stands.
  • I’ve been up close & personal on the field.
  • I’ve enjoyed the luxury of skyboxes.
  • I’ve had tickets to some of the biggest games that should have meant something to me.

Still, for some reason, I tend to gravitate toward the fun party games and football party recipes instead of the actual game itself.

Poor Jim, he had no idea what he was marrying into (8 years ago). Unfortunately, I think he pays the price for his non-football loving wife being in charge of the TV remote control, too. That’s probably why he’s usually in the running for “the last place award” in the football pool each year. (Trust me, there’s a much worse name than that for such a prestigious award!)

Anyhoo, at least I have attempted to learn more about the game of football.

Here are some of the best links I’ve found for the non-football fans who want to learn the basics of football… fast!


The Basics Of Football

small-football.gifA woman’s perspective of football

small-football.gifThe basics of American football

small-football.gifUnderstanding football downs and distances

small-football.gifFootball field dimensions & markings

small-football.gifThe methods of scoring in football

football-referee-signal-for-first-down.gifsmall-football.gifFootball referee signals illustrations & explanations

small-football.gifFootball 101: A fan’s guide to the game


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