250+ Halloween Group Costume Ideas – Themed Halloween Costumes For Groups Of Friends & Families Of All Sizes

The ultimate list of themed Halloween costume ideas for groups! Whether you’re a parent taking your kids trick-or-treating, a teen going to a Halloween party, or an adult trying to win the costume contest at work — choosing the right costume can make or break your Halloween experience. One of the most fun things for a group of people to do is to celebrate Halloween by dressing up around a theme — so your costumes go together!

Tis The Season… For Ugly Sweaters!

Perhaps the following Ugly Sweaters will be helpful when you’re searching for your very own Ugly Sweater to wear this holiday season. These are the best… Or should I say the WORST?!

FREE Personalized Liquor Labels

Like Kahlua? Wild Turkey Bourbon? What about Chardonnay? Have a special occasion coming up? Now you can order personalized labels to place on your own bottles of liquor!

How Most People Celebrate Valentine’s Day

According to Hallmark here’s what people are doing this year for Valentine’s Day… Greeting Cards, Date Night, Candy, Flowers, Gift Cards, Plush, Other Gifts, Perfume/Cologne, Jewelry. See the breakdowns here…

How Drunk Are You?… Try This Online Breathalyzer Test

See what your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is by using this Online Drink Wheel. It measures what your estimated blood alcohol concentration is, based on the number of drinks you’ve had, the amount of time you drank them in, your sex and weight.