How Most People Celebrate Valentine’s Day

by Lynnette

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According to Hallmark (January 2007), here’s what people are doing this year for Valentine’s Day…

Top Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

small-heart.gif Greeting Cards – 65%

small-heart.gif Date Night – 44%

small-heart.gif Candy – 38%

small-heart.gif Flowers – 32%

small-heart.gif Gift Cards – 29%

small-heart.gif Plush – 21%

small-heart.gif Other Gifts – 17%

small-heart.gif Perfume/Cologne – 12%

small-heart.gif Jewelry – 11%

Hallmark cites their sources as: Hallmark, Retail Industry Leaders Association, National Retail Federation.

UPDATE: Hallmark has updated their Valentine’s Day fun facts page.