250+ Halloween Group Costume Ideas – Themed Halloween Costumes For Groups Of Friends & Families Of All Sizes

by Lynnette

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Halloween is quickly approaching — are you scrambling to decide what your costume is going to be this year?

Which group do you fit into?…

  1. You’re going out with friends trick-or-treating together (or attending the same party).
    – OR –
  2. You’re going out with family members for a Halloween event.

One of the most fun things you can do to celebrate Halloween as a group is to all dress up around a theme — so that your costumes go together!

themed halloween costumes for groups of all sizes

Following are over 250 themed Halloween costumes for groups of all sizes, ages, and genders.

And if you’re a DIYer (or a last-minute Halloween costume planner), I have some good news… Most of these Halloween costumes for groups can easily be made yourself using items you already have at home!

Of course, if you still have a few days to get your group costumes ready (or you’re not exactly the creative type), then you can also find many of these online — ranging from same-day to 2-day shipping.


The Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Below, you’ll find the most clever themed Halloween costumes for:

  • Males and Females
  • Adults and Kids
  • Groups of 3 or More

BONUS: If you use Pinterest, you can click on each one to see the best photo and/or tutorial for making the costume yourself! If you don’t have a Pinterest account, then use this list as inspiration for group costume ideas and Google will provide you with plenty of examples. You see, I initially created this mega list of 250+ ideas purely as a source of inspiration for my own group costume ideas — because I had all of these ideas swimming in my head that I figured many people wouldn’t think of. Then, for future reference for myself, I saved each one to a Pinterest board that I created and called DIY Halloween Costume Ideas (500+ pins and counting). So, the how-to links are there if you want them.

Okay, here we go… my picks for 250+ of the best Halloween group costume ideas!


Themed Halloween Costumes For Groups Of 3

 pac man game group costume idea tetris game costume for groups



Mixed – Men and Women:


Themed Halloween Costumes For Groups Of 4

 where is waldo group costume idea under the sea group costume ideas



Mixed – Men and Women:


Themed Halloween Costumes For Groups Of 5

a fun mario brothers group costume idea blue man group costume



Mixed – Men and Women:


Themed Halloween Costumes For Groups Of Any Size

horror movie themed halloween costumes for a large group

TIP: Need some pieces and parts for your DIY themed Halloween costumes? Amazon has an interesting collection of unique Halloween shirts and bodysuits that will take your homemade costume to the next level!