Ugly Sweaters In Search Of A Party… Or A Theme

by Lynnette

Christmas, partying, ugly sweaters

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While researching ugly sweaters, I came across a few for sale that aren’t necessarily Christmassy, but they are just plain ‘ol ugly.

Check e’m out.

Perhaps they’ll meet a need… fill a gap… or just take you back a few years.



Think: time warp.

These fancy-schmancy sweaters are actually available for sale online.

Perhaps you will have a need for one of these sweaters. (Or find a way to build your own themed party around Ugly Sweaters like these!)



For the Alpaca lover…




For those caught in a time-warp…




What exactly does “slightly removed” mean, anyway?…




This one teeters between being “too cool” and “too nerdy”…



Even more ugly sweaters on Amazon!