How To Make A Pinata: Paper Mache Pinata Instructions + Tips + Videos

birthday-pinataA pinata brings life to a party — especially an outdoor party!

If you’re going to hang a traditional pinata indoors, then make sure that you have lots of wide open space — such as a basement — otherwise, your home decor could get in the way when your party guests are swinging away.

Pinatas aren’t that expensive to buy, but it’s a lot more fun to make your own. You can also involve the kids in this fun craft project.

Following are step-by-step instructions for making a variety of pinatas…


How To Make A Pinata


Materials Needed

  • A balloon, paper bag, or box – whatever you plan to use as your pinata base
  • Glue – either Elmer’s glue, or make a flour & water mixture
  • Newspaper – lots of it… torn into strips roughly 1-inch wide by 3-inches long, or longer
  • String – to hang the pinata
  • Candy or small toys – to fill the pinata with
  • Decorating materials of your choice – crepe paper, tissue paper, streamers, scissors, etc.


Tutorials, Tips & Instructions

The step-by-step instructions vary, depending on the size and shape of paper mache pinata you would like to make.

Here are a bunch of fun pinatas

Take your pick!


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⇒ Make A Star Pinata For Cinco De Mayo




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⇒ Make A Pull-String Pinata




⇒ Video: Make A Bear Pinata Or A Pig Pinata




⇒ Tips For Making A Hot Air Balloon Pinata




⇒ Honey Bee Hive Pinata Instructions




⇒ Make A 3-Balloon Snowman Pinata




⇒ Make A Pumpkin Pinata For Halloween




Don’t miss these helpful Pinata Tips & Tricks.


P.S.  And how fun is this?… See how to make pinata cookies! (More fun pictures here.)


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