All The Best Ideas For Making And Sending U.S. Military Care Packages


Several years ago, Jim and I started sending care packages to U.S. military service men and women -- usually to soldiers we didn't know, and one year to our nephew who was serving in Iraq at the time. As a result what we've learned firsthand, we have compiled a great collection of ideas to help others make one-of-a-kind care packages for U.S. troops serving overseas.   Here are our best tips: … [Read more...]

Is Your Child About To Start Kindergarten? Best Tips For Parents Preparing Their Kids For The First Day Of Kindergarden


August is national Get Ready For┬áKindergarten Month. This is a celebration to support a happy entry into kindergarten for the almost 2 million children in the US. Going to kindergarten is a life-changing event not only for the child, but also for parents, siblings and educators. Tips are provided to help smooth the way for an easy transition. Source So, do you feel like you're a bit unprepared to send your child off for their first day of Kindergarten? You're not alone! Every parent has … [Read more...]

7 Fun Ways To Make Unique Gift Registries For Any Occasion


Gift registries aren't just for weddings anymore. These days, people are using gift registries for all sorts of special occasions, including: birthdays anniversaries graduations (high school and college) baby showers No matter what the occasion, a gift registry is a good idea because, after all, who hasn't wound up with a gift they either couldn't use, didn't like, or didn't want? (Sometimes a gift is so bad you can't even regift it!) Setting up a gift registry is one way to … [Read more...]

Top 10 College Care Package Ideas


Even if you don't have a child who is college age and away at school, I'll bet you know someone who is. College kids are nearly always short on something (or broke, as most of us know from personal experience), so getting a care package from home can be a really nice treat. This is especially true if they have been living on Ramen noodles and Cheetos. And if it's the middle of the quarter or semester, then you can almost bet that money is going to be tight until they can go get their … [Read more...]

Colorful Cartoon Prints As Gifts

Need a creative gift idea for someone? Check out these colorful cartoon prints. They can be personalized, and they make great (somewhat comical) keepsakes for people of all ages. Aside from the standard pictures such as you (or your friend or relative) sitting behind a messy desk with a bulletin board that displays messages that you personally write, or a kids' sports coach surrounded by little ones in personalized uniforms in a meaningful color, or a golfer personalized "to a tee" by … [Read more...]