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Personalized Postage Stamps & Unique Holiday Greeting Cards

Order your personalized postage stamps online today.If you’re like me, you probably haven’t even thought about Christmas cards at this point. (That’s usually a rush project that takes place just a few days before Christmas, right?)

To give you a little nudge to get started EARLY this year, following are a handful of truly classy Holiday cards, and some VERY unique postage stamps to use for yourself, or as a creative gift for a friend or relative.

Personalized U.S. Postage Stamps
Turn personal photographs into REAL postage stamps! Simply visit the website and upload your favorite digital image.

After a few moments, you see your picture embedded in a stamp on screen, where you can reposition the image in the stamp, rotate it, flip it, and change the border color.

When you’re happy with the results, select the kind of stamp you want (first-class letter or postcard) and finish your order.

Yes, they’re really legal U.S. postage!

Personalized Holiday Cards

  • For the pet lover, these Pet Holiday Cards, Wrapping Paper, Etc. feature dogs, cats, horses and more …Take your pick!
  • Here are one-of-a-kind Holiday cards for the free-spirited one that you personalize (even pick the fun font style and color of ink!), along with your return address if you like. Simply choose one of their many creative designs in the following categories: Beach and Tropical, Golf Humor, Corporate, Airplanes, Ocean and Boating, Western Designs, and Sports Themes.
  • If you love Jeeps or you have friends that love Jeeps, these Jeep Holiday Cards will score big points this year!
  • This the season for… Patriotic Christmas Cards.
  • Don’t forget about the old standby… the Holiday Letter!
  • Personalized letters from Santa for all the youngsters in your life.
  • For those of you who aren’t really a fan of mailing out Holiday cards, consider sending online greeting cards this year from the following sites with the most unique choices: Blue Mountain (great interactive cards), Card Fountain (great talking cards – you type what you want the character on the card to “say”), and American Greetings. Each of these has a number of “interactive” card choices which are highly personalized… and fun!
  • For the REALLY special ones in your life, consider some Personalized M&Ms Candies in the color(s) of your choice, or pick multi-colored M&Ms, or holiday colors.
  • Here’s another FUN idea!… Letters from SANTA on Etsy. It’s also a great way for parents to explain why Santa left the items he did!