What To Do With Leftover Halloween Pumpkins – Clever Ideas You Probably Haven’t Seen Before!

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As Fall progresses, we finish up with Halloween and start thinking about Thanksgiving.

Visions of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie have probably come to mind already.

Now’s the time to start gathering party ideas and recipes to make your Thanksgiving feast special.

For starters, let’s explore some clever ways to put all of those pumpkins you carved to good use

Don't toss the pumpkins you've carved after Halloween - here are nearly 100 fun uses for leftover Halloween pumpkins!


Fun Uses For Leftover Halloween Pumpkins

pumpkin.gif 21 Creative Uses For Leftover Pumpkins – make pumpkin chips, use the pumpkin as a serving bowl, create your own pumpkin facial mask, make a pumpkin bird feeder, make a pumpkin snowman & more.

pumpkin.gif How To Make Pumpkin Pie Straight From The Pumpkin – tips for making the most with what you’ve got.

pumpkin.gif 10 Unique Uses For Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkins – make a pumpkin planter, pumpkin serving bowls, a pumpkin puree, a DIY facial mask, feed for wildlife, post-Halloween treats, pumpkin butter, and more.

It looks like someone just told this fellow that he's the key ingredient today..pumpkin.gif What To Do With All Those Leftover Pumpkin Seeds – here’s how to cook, roast, toast, and bake pumpkin seeds.

pumpkin.gif 11 Easiest Pumpkin Recipes Using A Halloween Pumpkin – make homemade stock or broth for cooking, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin butter, pumpkin donuts, and more.

pumpkin.gif 18 Post-Halloween Pumpkin Uses – flower pot or planter, make a pumpkin catapult for a pumpkin chucking party, plant the seeds and grow your own pumpkins for next year, make a pumpkin snowman, and more.

pumpkin.gif 10 Uses For Leftover Halloween Pumpkins – paint them with chalkboard paint & write messages on them, cut holes in them and make a pumpkin toss game, paint them and make Christmas decorations.

pumpkin.gif Thoughtful Ways To Use Your Halloween Pumpkins – use them to decorate for Thanksgiving, donate them to local zoos and animal shelters, compost them for rich soil, feed local wildlife, and more.

pumpkin.gif 6 Unique Things To Do With Leftover Halloween Pumpkins – give them to your dogs to play with (pumpkin is super healthy for dogs, especially when they’re experiencing diarrhea), make a pumpkin milkshake, have a spa day at home.

pumpkin.gif Some Green Ways To Use Every Part Of Your Halloween Pumpkin – donate them to local farmers, use the seeds to grow your own pumpkins for next year, and more.