One of the many Angry Birds costumes available this year!

Top Halloween Costumes For Adults & Kids This Year According To The Experts

by Lynnette

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This is the Premiere Jack Sparrow pirate costume from photo by Lynnette at

I’ve spent a good deal of time chatting with the folks at

I asked what they thought the most popular Halloween costumes were going to be this year.

I definitely learned a lot from them.

There’s no doubt about it, these guys are experts in the field.

I was impressed by their knowledge of current trends and pop culture, as well as the criteria they use to ultimately determine the popularity of Halloween costumes.

Plus, the quality of their costumes is top quality! Case in point: the Captain Jack Sparrow pirate costume pictured here.

We’ve researched trends of what sold well in previous years and have made educated predictions on how that will translate to our selection this year. Yes, the public definitely pays close attention to movies and TV shows, but we’ve seen that it doesn’t always translate to a popular Halloween costume.

Up til now, I was convinced that movies and TV solely dictated the most popular Halloween costumes each year. But there are other factors (such as video games and collectible dolls) which also have a huge influence.

So here they are… the top Halloween costumes for adults and children based on pop culture and current trends for this year:

The notes next to each costume below include tidbits from our conversations about popular Halloween costumes and why it’s going to be so popular.

Top 12 Adult Halloween Costumes

Angry Birds costumes – These little dive-bombers have been a huge hit since they debuted, and they will be especially popular at Halloween this year. The gaming app is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Captain Jack Sparrow costume – There’s no doubt about it, pirate costumes (and Johnny Depp costumes!) are always popular. Thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie (there are 4 in the series and possibly 2 more to come), this costume is a mega hit year after year. I personally own this costume. I can attest to the fact that it’s of super-high quality and includes everything you need for the costume to be complete except for a sword.

Glee costumes – Thanks to the incredibly successful TV show, Glee costumes will be hot, hot, hot for teens and adults this year! The cheerleader outfit will be especially recognizable and popular.

Harry Potter costume – This one’s been a top movie costume for the past several years. Now, with the last movie of the series recently released, Harry Potter costumes will be bigger than ever.

Lady Gaga basically lives her live in full costume. This is projected to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year.

Lady Gaga Prison Dress costume – Who’s hotter than Lady Gaga right now? This will definitely be one of the biggest Halloween costumes this year, as she basically wears a costume every day! This one is a take-off of the dress she wore in the video for Telephone.

Divine Red Riding Hood costume – When the Red Riding Hood movie came out earlier this year, it quickly became popular with Twilight fans. It also brings another type of sexy into the mix.

Sock Monkey costume – The Sock Monkey became a surprise hit and a cultural icon after it appeared in a KIA commercial last year. Believe it or not, the popularity of the Sock Monkey is still growing. Google it!

Top Gun Flight Dress costume – Can you say sexy?! This one is sexy without trying too hard. As it turns out, sexy military-themed costumes are always very popular and the 80’s in general are very trendy right now.

Captain America costume – Due to the recent release of the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, this is expected to be one of the most popular superhero costumes of the season.

This Gene Simmons KISS costume ROCKS!

Wonder Woman costume – Have you heard?… A pilot for a new Wonder Woman TV show has been filmed and it’s generating a lot of buzz. This costume also fits in with the popularity of superheros. Not to mention, it’s sexy!

Playboy Bunny & Hugh Hefner costumes – Playboy has always been a big part of pop culture and, therefore, it’s also popular in costume form every Halloween. The popularity Hugh Hefner’s lovelife (including the TV show Girls Next Door featuring Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends-at-the-time) have also helped to make this costume so popular. Thanks to these fun costumes, now you can bring out your very own inner Playboy!

Authentic Gene Simmons KISS costume – Not only is the rock group KISS a pop culture icon, but thanks to all the real-life drama that airs on the TV show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, the Demon himself  has become larger than life. This Gene Simmons costume is super-realistic with all the bells & whistles (or should I say spikes and studs???). And if you’re going all out with the real-deal Gene Simmons costume, then you’re definitely going to need a pair of the official Gene Simmons KISS destroyer boots. (TIP: Budget-savvy KISS fans may prefer the basic Gene Simmons costume instead; all of the intricate detail work is screenprinted onto the fabric itself, rather than being glued or sewn on.)

Honorable Mentions In Adult Costumes

Duffman from the Simpsons is one of the top Halloween costumes for this year.

Toy Story costumes – These Pixar/Disney movie characters have been around for over 10 years now, so they appeal to adults and children like due to the nostalgia factor. With 3 Toy Story movies released to date and another one in the works, the Toy Story characters will continue to be popular.

Duffman costume – From The Simpsons, which has always been prominent in pop culture, this Duffman costume is a winner. (I think it’s the cool accessory that comes with it: the detachable belt with beverage holders!)

Sexy Fox – There’s no doubt about it, sexy costumes are always popular — especially when they’re animal-related. This one is super-foxy!

Where’s Waldo costume – Believe it or not, this is one of the all-time top sellers in Halloween costumes! The costume is simple, without looking “too easy,” and is incredibly recognizable.

Mario Brothers costume – The Mario costume is a classic that is consistently popular year after year — especially when paired with Luigi as a male duo costume. So guys, are you going to a party with a friend? Here’s your costume!

Top 8 Halloween Costumes For Kids

This Katy Perry inspired costume -- California Girls Candy -- is perfect for the littlest singers and starlets.

Luna Lovegood costume – A very popular character from the Harry Potter series, she played a large role in the newest movie.

Jack Sparrow costume – The most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out in May. Johnny Depp-related costumes do very well.

Monster High costumes – Monster High is a huge toy phenomenon right now. It’s a line of dolls whose characters are inspired by monster movies and horror fiction. Draculaura appears to be the most popular character from the set when it comes to Halloween costumes.

California Candy costume a la Katy Perry – This one’s going to be especially popular among little girls. Katy Perry uses candy and bright colors in her costuming a lot.

General Grievous costume – Star Wars is one of the most popular licensed movie costumes each year. Combine that with the fact that LEGO Star Wars is a very popular video game right now, and you can bet this will be a hot costume this Halloween!

KISS Demon costume – Believe it or not, the kids versions of the Gene Simmons KISS costume has been popular for the past several years!

Tangled Rapunzel costume – The Disney movie Tangled was released last year about the princess Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) making this a popular costume among little girls.

One of the many Angry Birds costumes available this year!

Angry Birds costumes – The red bird is the obvious icon among the Angry Birds characters. But imagine, if you have up to 3 other kids going out together while wearing their costumes… what a statement a group of Angry Birds would make!

Honorable Mentions In Children’s Costumes

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume – This is a classic Halloween costume that’s always in the top movie lists for children’s costumes.

Crayon costume – Crayon costumes are classic and incredibly popular, year after year.  I have to admit, I dressed as a Crayon one year. Hasn’t everyone at some point?…

Cheshire Cat costume – Costumes from Alice in Wonderland are always popular for movie-related costumes.