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Valentine Date Ideas: 3 Things NOT To Do (…Unless You Want To Get Dumped!)

valentine-date-ideasWhile Valentine’s Day may usher in bunch of romantic memories for some couples, others are not so lucky.

Each year, this holiday includes its fair share of broken hearts.

The worst way to end a relationship on Valentine’s Day is, of course, getting dumped.

So, if you are blissfully making plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day date, ask yourself if you’re likely to engage in any of the following behaviors.

If so, your Valentine’s Day plans may be headed for disaster!…


red-heartActing like a princessred-heart

Have you been dropping hints to your boyfriend about expensive jewelry and assuming that he’ll make dinner reservations at the trendiest restaurant in town?

Valentine’s Day didn’t start out as an excuse for girls to be pampered. The gift-giving was originally supposed to go both ways. Nothing makes a girl look more unattractive than whining, bossing, or preening.

If this princess behavior comes naturally to you, then remember that many a princess has been dumped on Valentine’s Day by boyfriends who finally snapped.


red-heartIgnoring red flagsred-heart

If your boyfriend has been telling you for weeks that he has concerns about your relationship, take his words seriously.

It’s better to be alone on Valentine’s Day then to get dumped because a long-overdue conversation escalates over a meal of seafood, champagne, and chocolate hearts.

Likewise, if your boyfriend comes home with lipstick on his shirt, don’t brush your suspicions away because you want to enjoy Valentine’s Day with him. Neither of you will enjoy it if there’s underlying friction between you.

Get your relationship in order before planning Valentine’s Day. You’ll be glad you did!


red-heartMaking wild accusationsred-heart

If you’re one of the many women who seem to think Valentine’s Day should be a national holiday, you may have trouble understanding your boyfriend’s lack of interest.

Taking it personally because your boyfriend forgot to get you a gift or accidentally made plans to do something else is just silly. Not caring about Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean your boyfriend doesn’t love you; it just means he doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. Period.

Don’t make wild accusations about his feelings without solid evidence. If you tell him upfront that you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day — minus the histrionics — and remind him of your plans a couple days in advance, he’ll probably be happy to go along with it. But don’t expect him to be as enthusiastic as you are.

A fondness for Valentine’s Day doesn’t come as naturally for some as it does for others.



Avoiding these mistakes might not save your relationship, but at least you’ll be able to minimize your risk of getting unexpectedly dumped.

As much as Valentine’s Day has been commercialized, it can still be a romantic and tender occasion if you take the right approach.

Keep that in mind this February 14th, and you’ll have a Valentine’s Day memory to cherish!