Alternative Pumpkin Carving Techniques – 4 Awesome Videos From DIY Network


DIY Network has 4 great videos showing some outside-the-box ways to carve a pumpkin for Halloween! Each video features the unique pumpkin carving techniques used by 4 of their TV experts.   First up, Chris Grundy's tips for DIY pumpkin carving:     Next, Jason Cameron shows us how he likes to carve pumpkins:     Check out Ahmed Hassan's tips for one-of-a-kind pumpkin carving:     Finally, Amy Matthews shares her own … [Read more...]

Blogging Super Bowl Commercials


NOTE: Super Bowl XL was the most watched Superbowl in 10 years with over 90 million viewers! Since some people have been talking about it - we thought that we would take a shot at blogging the Super Bowl Commercials. We'll attempt everything past the opening kickoff.....up until halftime... here we go! … [Read more...]

Superbowl Commercials 1969 to The Present


These days, there are a handful of websites that vow to stay on top of the behind-the-scenes chatter about upcoming Super Bowl commercials. For example, is fairly well respected for this. There's no doubt about it, Superbowl commercials are hot, Hot, HOT! (We even blogged the Super Bowl commercials in real-time one year.) If you're looking for old Super Bowl commercials, you can give thanks to a few dedicated souls who are maintaining an archive of Superbowl commercials for … [Read more...]

View All The SuperBowl XXXIX Ads Here


Thanks to USA Today, you can now view all the TV ads that were run during SuperBowl XXXIX. Plus, you can vote on your most and least favorites. Everything about the SuperBowl XXXIX ads is right here in one place for you.   … [Read more...]