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View All The SuperBowl XXXIX Ads Here

Thanks to USA Today, you can now view all the TV ads that were run during SuperBowl XXXIX.

Plus, you can vote on your most and least favorites.

Everything about the SuperBowl XXXIX ads is right here in one place for you.


See how all the ads ranked. Check out the ads you DIDN’T see during the Super Bowl. And take a look at previous year’s winners.

Apparently there were 55 SuperBowl commercials this year… and I’ve viewed them all. My favorites are:

  • Bud Light – Cedric starting a new dance craze called the “designated driver”
  • Bud Light – Guys at ballgame using camera phone to taunt their buddy (& vice versa)
  • Ford – Cop finds frozen mustang
  • Career Builder – “working with monkeys” ads
  • FedEx – the best way to make a Superbowl Commercial
  • McDonalds – Abraham Lincoln french fry
  • Anheuser-Busch – salute to the troops

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