Fun Christmas Decorating Themes For Christmas Trees & Other Interior Decor

by Mary

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christmas-figurines-on-mantel-by-John-C-Abell.jpgAre you looking for a Christmas decorating theme that is different from what you’ve used in the past?

I don’t know about you, but I get bored with the same theme year after year — though I do always try to incorporate some of the vintage Christmas decorations that I’ve collected over the years.

So I try my best to have different Christmas themes every year.

There are hundreds to choose from, and by using your imagination, you can include some ornaments and Christmas decorations from previous years. This allows you to stay within your Christmas budget.

Here are some interesting ways to decorate inside your home using fun Christmas themes…

Night Before Christmas Theme

A few years ago, I wanted a Christmas theme that was unique.

While reading Clement Moore’s Twas the Night Before Christmas to my grandsons, it dawned on me that this would be a perfect theme to use for Christmas decorating.

The Night Before Christmas decorating theme turned out perfect.

To do it, use Santa Claus and reindeer to make this Christmas theme come to life. Wrap empty boxes of varying sizes to display gifts under a miniature Christmas tree. Or, make a small red Santa bag and fill it with small, faux gifts.

You can use evergreen garland to decorate mantles and stairways. Miniature mice can be placed in a homemade Christmas village or near a themed centerpiece.

Hang stockings made of green and red fabric. Or, you could use material that depicts a Night Before Christmas theme; this type of material can be purchased at most fabric stores or online.

Once you have your mantel and table decorated, sprinkle red and green gumdrops and lifesavers around the displays. Another idea is a Christmas card garland. You can use glue to attach candy to each card or purchase wrapped mints and a styrofoam cone to make a candy Christmas tree. A candy wreath looks beautiful and they are inexpensive to make.

Finally, decorate your Christmas tree with Santas, reindeer, miniature mice, snowflakes and other items to reflect Clement Moore‘s poem, Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Country Christmas Theme

A country Christmas theme is easy to create, and it’s also lots of fun. Think along the lines of an enchanted forest type of theme.

Take a walk in the woods and collect evergreen boughs, acorns, holly, mistletoe, pinecone, nuts and other items of nature.

Then, make an evergreen Christmas garland or Christmas wreath. Use silver spray paint or artificial snow to spray the tips of pinecones and attach red or green ribbon. Make swags of holly, using the same method that you would to make an evergreen swag. These look beautiful when used to decorate doorways or to hang from chandeliers.

There are dozens of ways to decorate with items from nature.

Once you’ve created centerpieces and decorated your shelves and mantles, use miniature animal figurines to enhance the effect. Deer, raccoons, skunks, mice and other animal miniatures can be purchased at Christmas specialty shops.

Penguin Theme

The movie Happy Feet inspired me to collect a few Christmas penguins. The year after the movie was released, I made a penguin display. I bought penguins in top hats and vests and even found a female penguin dressed as Mrs. Claus.

A porcelain igloo sat in the center of the display with the penguins all around. I used a glue gun to add a sprig of artificial holly over the entrance to the igloo and added 2 polar bears with holly collars.

Everyone who saw it thought it was an enchanting scene.

penguin-on-christmas-tree-by-Esther17.jpg polar-bears-and-penguins-by-Chris Winters


Other Fun Christmas Themes

Other suggestions for Christmas decorating themes include:

You will have tons of fun if you just use your imagination to decorate for a particular Christmas theme that suits your personality.


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