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Two Of The Coolest Christmas Cards We Got This Year

Two of the best holiday cards we received this Christmas were:

#1 A “Seeds-n-Greetings” card.
#2 A computer monitor display card & screensaver.



The best part: They’re both “green” and good for the environment.

They’re green because they’re all-in-one gifts and cards. Two for the price of one
…and FUN, too!


christmas_tree.gifThe Seeds-n-Greetings card was from Rackspace, our all-time favorite managed hosting provider. We love ’em for their “fanatical support” with our server.


Their one-of-a-kind holiday card was made from recycled paper. On the front, it said “Seeds-n-Greetings” (this will make more sense in a minute), and below that was the company’s logo.

The cardstock paper itself was kind of lumpy — much like recycled paper often is, but lumpier. Upon closer investigation (and after reading the message inside the card), we realized there were lots of tiny flower seeds weaved into the paper itself.

The message read:

We’re going green for the Holidays and for the future. And you can start, too, by planting this card and watching it grow. From your friends at Rackspace.

On the back it said this: “Planting Instructions: This paper is embedded with a handful of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Plant it under 1/4″ of loose, well-drained soil. Water twice daily and keep moist until seedlings are established. Germination is 1-4 weeks.”

Cool, huh?

More about Rackspace’s new “greenspace initiative”.

Have I mentioned how much we love Rackspace?… both, for their fanatical supportand their attempts to save the Earth.

(We sent them a Thank You cookie bouquet in return. Happy Holidays to the most fanatical support team on the planet!)


christmas_tree.gifThe computer monitor display card was from Printing Concepts — a printer that Jim used to work with ages ago. (It’s nice when old friends remember you.)

computer-monitor-holiday-card.jpgThis new-fangled holiday card came with a link to a “complimentary matching screensaver”.

Why it’s cool… There were instructions on the back for placing this card atop your computer monitor. It’s cute. It’s more fun to display than your “typical” Christmas card. And it’s in tune with our (and 90% of Americans’) increased time spent at the computer these days.

Plus, it’s a “green” card because it’s a greeting and a gift all in one. In fact, with the separate downloadable screensaver, it’s a multi-gift.

Fun, fun, FUN!


A Green Ornament

And on a related note, here’s a “green” ornament that was featured in Family Circle magazine (December, 2007):