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DIY Halloween Trees – They’re More Than Just Christmas Trees With Halloween Ornaments!

Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas

The first really unique “holiday tree” idea I came across was the upside down Christmas tree. That was several years ago when upside down trees were just starting to be a thing.

These days, Halloween trees are quickly becoming popular.

There are indoor Halloween trees. And there are outdoor Halloween trees. Most are simply an adaptation of the ever-popular Christmas tree.

The only difference is the fact that Halloween trees are decorated with Halloween ornaments instead of Christmas ornaments. Also, whenever you have an outdoor Halloween tree, the ornaments are life-size.

But recently, bright orange Halloween trees shaped just like Christmas trees have started to appear in stores and online — and I’m loving this new trend!

I haven’t decorated my own Halloween Christmas tree yet, but I plan to this year. (I’ll be sure to post my photos when I’m done.)

I’ve also created several indoor DIY trees that I use as home decor — I’ll show you those in a minute.

Halloween Christmas Trees You Can Buy

Okay, so let’s start with what’s already available online.

First, we’ll talk about traditional Christmas tree-shaped artificial trees.

You can get these in practically any size — from small tabletop size, to medium corner-of-the-room accent size, to large standalone room-size.

You may want to use one of these large trees as the “foundation” for your DIY Halloween Christmas tree.

Some even go so far as to spray paint a green artificial Christmas tree orange.

These are my favorites…

Large, Christmas tree-shaped artificial trees on Amazon that would be easy to use as Halloween trees:

Other people prefer to make a Halloween tree that is very different from a Christmas tree in every way.

For one thing, the shape may not resemble the shape of a traditional Christmas tree at all.

In many cases, unique Halloween tree shapes are used instead of the typical pine tree shape altogether.

These are just artificial twigs and branches that you arrange in a container and then add your own Halloween flair to them.

Small, tree-shaped branches and twigs on Amazon that would be easy to use as Halloween trees:

Halloween Christmas Trees You Can Make

Personally, I think the cheapest and easiest option is to make a Halloween tree using branches from your own backyard!

I actually did this for some non-holiday “trees” that I keep up in my house all year long.

I simply found a cool-shaped tree branch that has lots of smaller branches shooting out from it — by itself, it looks like “a little tree.”

Both of my indoor trees were obtained during the times we trimmed our trees and shrubs in the backyard. Some of the parts that we cut off looked so interesting that I wanted to save ’em to use as decor in some way inside my home. (The parts that we cut off actually resembled little trees themselves!) I ended up just putting each of these “little trees” into rustic-looking containers in my home. Then I added some colorful long-stemmed dried silver dollar artificial branches — to give it pops of color and make it look like “leaves” growing on the tree. They turned out pretty cool!

Don’t have access to tree-shaped branches in your own backyard right now?

Well… you can make your own Halloween Christmas tree branches from pieces of wire (or old wire hangers), as seen in this video:

If you don’t have the time (or patience) to make your own branches, here are some much more durable artificial tree branches and twigs that will last for years.

Basically, the idea is to decorate a tree-shaped frame with black and orange (and purple) colored Halloween lights and fun Halloween trinkets — then place the DIY Halloween tree on a table or in the corner of a room, as an accent piece.

Anyhoo… That’s a pretty good overview of what it takes to make your own Halloween Christmas tree.

You first need to decide on these things:

  • Whether yours will be an indoor or outdoor tree
  • The size and shape you want your Halloween tree to be (big or small? Christmas tree shaped or more rustic and natural?)
  • The colors that will work best in your home decor (if you’ll be keeping your Halloween Christmas tree indoors)
  • Where you’re going to display your holiday tree

Now, you’re about to see lots of fun ways to decorate Halloween trees.

Hopefully, these next photos and videos will get your creative juices flowing and give you some ideas for creating and decorating your own Halloween tree this year!

DIY Indoor Halloween Tree Ideas

Most Halloween trees that are used indoors tend to look similar (and are decorated similarly) to Christmas trees.

That said, there are also a number of ways to make your own version of a Halloween tree, as seen in these photos and videos…

DIY Outdoor Halloween Tree Ideas

Halloween trees that are kept outdoors usually closely resemble traditional Christmas trees.

The only difference is the ornaments are Halloween-related and they are often life-sized, as seen in these photos and videos…

Tree Faces, Pumpkin Heads & Other Body Parts

Of course, there are lots of other fun ways to decorate your outdoor trees for Halloween — like using bodies (or body parts) to increase the creepy factor.

The most common is to add tree faces to some of the trees in your yard.

Other people like to make talking trees by putting speaker boxes behind trees — that way, you can scare visitors when they arrive while trick-or-treating!

Still others will choose a specific Halloween theme (like witches, monsters, or a haunted graveyard), and then decorate the trees and surrounding area accordingly.

Don’t forget to put a life-size scarecrow in your life-size outdoor Halloween tree!

So, What Does Your DIY Halloween Tree Look Like?

Have you made a Halloween Christmas tree yet?

Feel free to show us your DIY Halloween tree in the comments below!