DIY Halloween Trees – They’re More Than Just Christmas Trees With Halloween Ornaments!

by Lynnette

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The first really unique “holiday tree” idea I came across was the upside down Christmas tree — it was several years ago.

These days, Halloween trees are becoming quite popular.

A pumpkin ornament on a Halloween tree.

There are indoor Halloween trees.

And there are outdoor Halloween trees.

Most are simply an adaptation of the ever-popular Christmas tree. The only difference is the fact that Halloween trees are decorated with Halloween ornaments instead of Christmas ornaments. And with the outdoor Halloween trees, the ornaments are life-size.

But recently, bright orange Halloween trees shaped just like Christmas trees have started to appear in stores and online! For example, these are my favorites available on Amazon:

Some people choose to make their own Halloween trees that are very different from Christmas trees in every way. For example, their shape may only loosely resemble the traditional Christmas tree.

In many cases, unique Halloween tree shapes are used instead of the usual pine tree altogether. (Some of those would make a great Halloween project for kids — like this edible Halloween tree!)

Perhaps the easiest option is to make a Halloween tree using branches from your own backyard!

Still others simply decorate a tree-shaped frame with black and orange colored Halloween lights.

Following are lots of fun ways to create and decorate Halloween trees.

Hopefully, the following photos and videos will get your creative juices flowing and give you some ideas for decorating your own Halloween tree this year!

TIP: You can also spray paint a green artificial Christmas tree orange.

Indoor Halloween Trees

Most Halloween trees that are used indoors tend to look similar — and are decorated similarly — to Christmas trees.

That said, there are also a number of ways to make your own version of a Halloween tree, as seen in these photos and videos…

Outdoor Halloween Trees

Halloween trees that are kept outdoors usually closely resemble traditional Christmas trees. The only difference is the ornaments are Halloween-related and they are often life-sized, as seen in these photos and videos…

Using Tree Faces, Heads & Other Body Parts

halloween-talking-tree-by-shodan.jpg Of course, there are lots of other fun ways to decorate your outdoor trees for Halloween.

The most common is to add some tree faces to some of the trees in your yard.

Other people like to make talking trees by putting speaker boxes behind trees. That way, you can scare visitors when they arrive while trick-or-treating!

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Orange trees make great DIY Halloween trees!