Ideas For A Valentine’s Day Filled With Fun For Your Kids

by Mary

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Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate with those you love.

Though the kids may be going to Grandma’s later on so you can enjoy a romantic evening together, be sure to take the time to make them feel special on this day that celebrates love, as well.

Following are some fun ways to include the kids on Valentine’s Day, and have FUN at the same time!

I hope you enjoy these fun things you can do all day long with kids on Valentine’s Day…


Start your child’s day by making a Valentine’s Day treat bag and filling it with goodies.

Add a much-loved or classic DVD, and some tasty treats like red cinnamon hearts or a chocolate heart wrapped in decorated cellophane or red foil.

If desired, make a coupon book that gives your child a day out to a movie of his choice, dinner at his favorite restaurant or a trip to the local aquarium or zoo.


Once the bag is filled with treats, add a homemade Valentine’s card to stick in the top.

Without a doubt, when your child looks into his Valentine’s Day goodie bag, he will be delighted and his day will be off to a good start!


Treat your child to a Valentine’s Day breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes, toast, or waffles.

You can check the dollar store for juice glasses decorated with hearts, or just decorate plain juice glasses with heart stickers. The stickers can be easily removed when Valentine’s Day is over.

TIP: If some of the glue remains, wipe it with rubbing alcohol before washing. The glue will vanish in an instant.


Pack your child a special Valentine’s Day lunch. Cut bread for sandwiches with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. You can also order pink bread from the local bakery. Spread the bread with strawberry jam for a yummy red and pink treat.

Bake heart-shaped sugar cookies or sandwich cookies and add pink icing or candy cinnamon hearts. Place a couple of these cookies in your child’s lunch bag.

Drop in a Valentine’s Day card with a note telling your child how much he means to you and talk about how proud you are of his special talents.


Your child may feel nervous about the Valentine’s Day festivities. He may wonder if he’ll receive any Valentine cards from classmates.

When your child brings home his class Valentine list, have him write a Valentine for every child in his class. This will prevent any child from being left out.

If possible, talk to your child’s teacher about bringing in a special treat for the entire class on Valentine’s Day. Be sure to ask if homemade Valentine cookies are okay, of if the treats have to be purchased at a bakery or grocery store. Every school district has its own rules.

Having A Valentine’s Day Party?

Help your child make Valentine party invitations the week before Valentine’s Day and give them to a few of his closest friends.

The Valentine party doesn’t have to be elaborate. Make up a few Valentine goodie bags for each child and fill them with items that are age appropriate.

Serve simple, easy to make foods that kids love and bake a Valentine’s Day cake, using a heart-shaped cake pan. Decorate with meringue icing and cinnamon candy hearts.

Have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt or put a fresh spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey and have a game of Pin the Arrow on Cupid.

There are other Valentine’s games that kids will enjoy. Look in party magazines, online and at your local library if you are short on Valentine’s Day party ideas and games for kids.


If you are unable to host a Valentine party for your kids, then make them a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

Serve heart-shaped pizza or your children’s favorite foods. Bake a heart shaped cake and allow your kids to help you decorate it.

Set your Valentine’s table without going to a lot of expense. Use your best dishes and flatware and fold red linen napkins to make your own elegance. Add a cluster of red or heart-shaped candles for a centerpiece, turn the lights down and enjoy dinner by candlelight. Yes, even kids feel special when dining this way.

In the end, whatever you choose to do, use your imagination to make your kids feel special this Valentine’s Day and make it a memorable day all day long.

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