5 Ideas For Valentine’s Day On A Budget

by Andrea

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simple-valentines-day-by-dalylab.jpg Valentine’s Day can cause a lot of stress — from the pressure to impress your sweetheart to the aftermath of Christmas credit card debt.

With careful planning, you can however make Valentine’s Day wonderful on a shoestring budget.

Need ideas?… Start with the following 5 fun things you can do for your special Valentine all day long.


#1 Wake up your Valentine with a gift and a kiss.

You do not have to live with them to do this. It is even more impressive if you get out of your warm bed and trek across town in the cold to ring the doorbell right before their normal wake-up time.  (Check with other household members first if they do not live alone.)

The gift does not have to be anything expensive or elaborate, just a taste of what is to come later in the day.  Candy or a teddy bear will do just fine.

#2 Take your sweetheart out to breakfast.  Breakfast is the least expensive meal to have in a restaurant.  You can have a meal for two at IHOP for just $20 with tip.  How can you go wrong with that?  If one or both of you don’t have time to enjoy breakfast, make a quick stop at Starbucks or even McDonald’s for some coffee and a Danish or breakfast sandwich.

#3 Bring balloons to work.  You can pick up balloons at the dollar store and drop them off at your sweetheart’s work.  Taking a half hour or so do make this symbolic gesture will have them looking forward to a romantic evening.  You can even include a cryptic note with suggestions for the evening’s activities.

#4 Consider a Valentine’s Day lunch with your sweetheart — especially if the morning was too busy for anything more than a phone call. Go for a quick trip to the local Chinese restaurant and share an entre for an inexpensive, tasty and romantic lunch.

#5 Duck out of work early on Valentines Day to prepare a home cooked dinner for your sweetheart.  Surprise them with a handwritten poem on a homemade card.  Here are some ideas for an inexpensive Valentines Day dinner:

If you opt to go to a restaurant for Valentine’s Day, here’s how to have a fine dining experience on a budget.

These ideas can take you through a whole day together. Or, you could choose just a portion of the day to enjoy together without breaking the bank.


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