Flower Tips For Valentine’s Day And Other Special Occasions

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According to The Flower Doctor, here are the appropriate types and colors of flowers that you should give on Valentine’s Day:

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If you’ve been madly in love for years, traditionally the best floral gift is a dozen red roses

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If you’ve just met someone, some colorful daisies might be the perfect floral expression.

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If you have a secret admirer, maybe you want to give them a pink rose that might help symbolize a love that you want to grow.


Remember this:

  • Red roses for sweethearts.
  • Pink roses from an admirer.
  • Carnations for a first date.

Now, for a few more tips like this from The Flower Doctor…


Get Valentine Flower Tips From The Expert

The Flower Doctor is available to answer your questions about flowers!

Just call (or email) the Flower MD Hotline:

On February 14th and 15th, from 8am to 8 pm (CST) you can call (888-FlowrMD) or email The Flower Doctor, Bridget Behe, for professional answers on any flower care questions you might have. Source


More Great Valentine Flower Tips In These Videos:




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