The Coolest Halloween Pumpkins I’ve Ever Seen!

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I’ve been writing about Halloween for years now.

And I’ve seen some pretty cool Halloween stuff.

The following jack-o-lanterns are the coolest pumpkins I’ve ever seen!


Most of these I’ve never seen in person… only in photographs. Well, except for the baseball cap wearing bubble blowing pumpkin. I made a version of that one a couple years ago.

The best part: these pumpkin carvings can be used to provide inspiration for other fun ways to carve pumpkins.

Please let me know if you find other cool Halloween pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.

[Click photos to see photo credits.]

A gory skeleton skull inside a freshly carved pumpkin


Pumpkin Man – made from lots of pumpkins of various sizes

Jack-o-lantern hell – tiny pumpkins burning inside

A pumpkin-eating pumpkin

A smiley cheshire cat carved out of 2 pumpkins

A spooky haunted Halloween pumpkin.

A fun computer pumpkin

Red apple with core carved pumpkin

A skinned pumpkin that’s also been carved into a face

Pumpkin pigs and other animals made from several pumpkins


A puking pumpkin that’s had too much to eat

Mickey Mouse pumpkin head

Pumpkin with a toothy grin

Baseball cap-wearing pumpkin head blowing bubbles



And now, my all-time favorite: The Cheeseburger Pumpkin!

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