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Best Halloween Costumes To Buy Or Make Yourself

Cement pig wearing a Halloween mask. Tired of seeing the same old ‘typical’ Halloween costumes year after year?

Me too.

I mean, even this little piggy has a new Halloween mask this year!

Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ”Mr. After Halloween Costume Shop Salesman”:

Following are all the best funny, sexy & do-it-yourself Halloween ideas for kids, adults, couples, and their pets — including some of the coolest dog costumes around.


Whether you decide to purchase one of these out-of-the-ordinary Halloween costumes online, or make ’em yourself, you’ll get a lot of attention wearing one of these:

Funny Halloween Costumes For Adults
Costumes For Adult Couples & Groups
Plus Size Costumes For Adults
Adult Sexy or Risque Costumes
Pet Costumes For Halloween & More
Easy-to-Make Costumes For Kids


Funny Halloween Costumes For Adults

Beer keg costume for adults.You’ll find lots of fun ideas here:

  • Fun Adult Costumes You Can Make Yourself — dozens of great Halloween costume ideas. Most of them are free or cheap DIY Halloween costume ideas.
  • Stuffed Suits, Fake Muscles & Body Costumes — these add just the right amount of bulk, shape, and muscles for out-of-the-ordinary characters.
  • Funny Costumes — choose from a venus fly trap, a magazine cover girl, a pole dancer, a sumo wrestler, a tic tac toe game board, a funny Christmas tree, lots of clown costumes, and many more.
  • Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas On A Budget — These homemade Halloween costumes are simple to make with items found in your home or gathered from thrift shops and dollar stores. All you need is a few basic supplies and lots of imagination.
  • How To Make Your Own Unique Costumes — everything from a paparazzi guy, a box of candy, a Jenga game, to American Idol judges costumes, Devo hats, a Sudoku game costume, Fandango guy, a costume in the shape of your state, and much MUCH more.
  • Funny Halloween Costumes Online — these are very unique and hilarious too: body bag, one-night-stand, funny career costumes, pigs in the blanket, redneck costumes, green army man, superheroes, patriotic costumes, Disney, funny religious costumes, and so many more.
  • Homemade Costume Ideas — try these: puppies for sale, a castaway, baked potato, a taco, mother nature, and many more.
  • Fright Catalog — an amazing collection of one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes that look really real!
  • Humorous Costumes For Adults — some are cute-funny… others are offensive-funny… all are humorous.
  • Duct Tape Costume Ideas — you can dress up as used bubblegum, a human vending machine, a hunch-backed two-headed guy, the tin man, the human shower, a baked potato, Chia Pet, a human ATM, and so many more fun ideas.
  • Coolest Homemade Halloween Costume Design Ideas — a gallery of DIY Halloween costumes you can make yourself like: a ballot box, beer pong, a yearbook picture, bubble wrap, a fly swatter, a bag of groceries, a fun magazine cover, a photobooth picture strip, and much more.
  • Simple-To-Make Halloween Costumes — each of these DIY costume ideas has its own instructional video with it.
  • The Costume Page — one of the best do-it-yourself costume resources on the web!
  • Amazon — the largest selection of Halloween costumes online.
  • All The Best DIY Halloween Costumes On Pinterest — hundreds of homemade costume ideas, so simple you can make them all yourself!



Baby New Year costumes for Halloween, or New Year's parties. Costumes For Adult Couples & Groups

Whether you’re looking for matching spouses costumes that complement one another or several outfits that various members of your family or group can wear… check here first:

  • 25 Best Couples Costumes — these completely unique couples costumes will inspire you; most of them are homemade.
  • Halloween Costumes For Couples — fun costumes like a Wheaties box & cereal spoon (or athlete), spinach & Popeye, sick & tired, princess & pea, college grad & debt, truck driver & road kill, peace & quiet, alien & astronaut (some of them are here.)
  • 50 Creative Halloween Costumes For Couples — a great place to start for ideas; many of these are homemade costumes. I like the Words With Friends, Johnny Cash & June Carter, Smurfs, banana & ape, The Situation & Snookie, Kermit & Miss Piggy, 50s housewife & milkman, zombie bride & groom, and deer & headlights.
  • Group DIY Halloween Costume Ideas — dozens of DIY costume ideas for adults (…and kids).
  • Costume Ideas For Couples — 40 pages of matching costume ideas for you and a friend, or you and your spouse.
  • Hundreds of Group Halloween Costumes — there are lots of great costumes you can buy, plus DIY instructions for making those same costumes yourself!
  • Costume Ideas For Couples — a list of matching spouses Halloween costume ideas that complement one another.



Plus-size costumes are available in a variety of themes, including this 'devil princess'. Plus Size Costumes For Adults

These Halloween costumes accommodate larger sized men and women, including pregnant ladies — there’s plenty of room to grow:



A sexy vampire costume for ladies. Adult Sexy or Risque Costumes

If you’re looking to push the envelope a bit, try these slightly risque or sexy adult costumes for men and women:

  • Sexy Costumes — a nice selection of seductive nurse, pirate, sailors or police costumes for that classic, sexy Halloween costume. Plus sexy costume accessories.
  • Fun Ideas For Sexy Costumes — these also work great in the bedroom!
  • 16 DIY Amazing Sexy Halloween Costumes — everything from Lady Gaga to Marilyn Monroe to I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes — choose from a number of seductive lingerie-based costumes — like a sexy ghost, various vampires & witches, a she-devil, and a number of goth outfits.
  • 4 Sexy DIY Costumes — instructions for making each of these: sexy pirate girl, sexy bunny, sexy witch, and catwoman.
  • Offensive And X-Rated Costumes — humor-based, slightly offensive Halloween costumes including: a penis, a blow-up doll, poop, sperm, a condom, a wet t-shirt contest winner, and more.
  • Annie’s Costumes — choose from law enforcement officers, military wear, superheros, and sexy masquerade costumes for adult women.
  • My Diva’s Closet — sexy costumes in the form of referee uniforms, cheerleaders, sexy schoolgirls, firefighter, cowgirl, gangster, and many more.
  • Star Costumes For Sexy Women — lots of vinyl sets, slinky dresses, fairy tales and fantasy wear.



Fido will love this firefighter costume for dogs. Pet Costumes For Halloween & Other Occasions

Whether you get dressed up yourself or not this year, it might be fun to dress your dog in a costume and take him along when you’re out Trick or Treating with the kids. Try these on for size:



Easy-to-Make Costumes For Kids

Kids costumes are easy to find online, but easy-to-make kids costumes are harder to come by. Here are some DIY kids Halloween costumes to try:


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