Digital Greeting Cards

by Lynnette

birthdays, personalized greeting cards

Looking for something that isn’t your typical “online” greeting card? Well, look no farther…

LifeMix Digital Greetings (by Imation) is a way for you to create and store fully digitized memories in the form of photos, music, and movies.

The end result? A greeting card like no other!… This one is personalized, interactive, and filled with great memories.

Yep, today’s greeting cards have gone digital!

Recordable Digital Greetings

This new technology combines two products: a greeting card and a blank recordable CD.

The finished product is a 700MB digital greeting card that’s encased within a fancy CD holder with a beautiful design on the cover and a disc inside onto which you have burned photos, songs and/or movies.

To get started, simply visit Imation’s LifeMix Digital Greetings website. Then, choose from a number of pre-packaged “LifeMix CD” designs (within the categories of Birthday, Baby, Holiday or Love). Each comes with a specially designed greeting card cover which holds the CD.

Imation's LifeMix Digital Greeting Cards.

Special Delivery

These personalized greeting cards travel via snail mail at a postage cost of 72 cents in the U.S.

With greeting cards costing upwards of $4 each these days, it’s a comparable alternative. Plus, it’s so much more personalized, allowing you to create your own unique greeting using images, music, and/or videos.

The specially-designed CDs and card covers are available online from Imation, as well as Circuit City, Office Max, and Staples.