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Make Your Own Gift Tags

sheet-of-10-gift-tags.jpg These online gift tags are a cinch to make!


Pick your favorite style. (6 to choose from)
Use the online form to enter TO: and FROM: information.
Choose your colors.
And print them out!

You can do one at a time, or full pages of 10 at a time.


The best part:

You can change anything you want in the template itself… including the personalized message on top and bottom.

In fact, most parts are optional, so you could even make “generic” gift cards if you so desired.

For example…

Here is one of their original templates:

Here is how I changed it:


What to print them on…

You can print these out on “regular” paper (or scrapbook papers, colored papers, etc).

Or, do what I do. Print them out, one by one (as you need them) onto business card sized cardstock or labels.


Get creative!

While the online form which automatically places the info precisely in the right places on your gift tag, it would be pretty easy to make your own template — using your own background design. That way, you could create gift cards that really show your own personality and style! (They even have some links to free resources to help you do it.)

I’m not sure I have the patience for that, so I just modify the the standard online gift card templates and use the business card stock that I happen to have on hand.

Either way, gift cards like this could come in handy in a number of instances…

Think: book exchange clubs, craigslist or freecycle “thank you’s”, notes attached to eBay items you’ve sold, price & contact info for items you have in consignment shops. Plus, as traditional birthday and holiday gift tags, of course!

Make your own gift cards!