Personalized M&M’s, Chocolates & Other Candies

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Did you know you can order personalized M&Ms online?

Yep, now you can place your own custom messages on real milk chocolate M&Ms candies in the colors of your choice. This can even include a picture (of the wedding couple, a business logo, your favorite sports team, or even your dog.)

By ordering bags of personalized M&M’s for gifts or parties, you can share your own sentiment or special occasion with others!

How to make personalized M&Ms - Custom M&Ms with your own photo, message, logo, colors, quantity!

Here’s a list of all the special occasions when having your own custom M&Ms would come in handy:

Click the links to see actual examples

…you get the idea!


I’m pretty sure that wedding M&Ms and M&Ms customized with your business logo are some of the most popular.

How To Order Personalized M&Ms

To order M&M’s candy with your very own custom-printed messages on them, it’s a simple 3-step process:

#1. Choose your colors — up to 2 different colors per order if you’re just personalizing with words; or 3 different colors if you’re personalizing with images & words or logos.

HINT: You can personalize 20 of their 25 different colored M&Ms. The other 5 colors — black, dark blue, teal, maroon and brown — can be mixed in with your order, but not personalized.

#2. Compose your message — up to 2 lines, using a maximum of 9 characters per line (including spaces).

HINT: You can personalize your M&Ms with up to 4 different messages per order (text only)

#3. Indicate your quantity — a 7 oz. bag is $11.99 with a 3 bag minimum. Personalized M&M’s are also available in smaller party favor bags and in larger bulk size packages.

HINT: 1.5 oz of M&Ms equals approximately 50 M&Ms.

In case you’re wondering… this is what a 7 oz. bag looks like:


Order personalized M&Ms for your own special occasion.

Get the promo code for one free bag of M&Ms (to be used when you place an order).

Questions about ordering personalized M&Ms? Check out the official personalized M&Ms FAQ.

Free Shipping - Personalized M&M's

Other Personalized Candies, Cookies & Candy Tins

Here are some other candies, sweet treats & tins that you can personalize for gifts, special occasions, or wedding favors:

wedding-personalized-mms  Personalized M&Ms as wedding favors.

Personalized Mint Tins

…like these candy tins that make great wedding favors!

Personalized wedding candy tins

Other Chocolate Party Favors

…like these chocolate biscotti personalized favors!

Personalized chocolate biscotti

Designer Wedding Cookies

…like these love notes icing cookies!

Personalized wedding cookies.

Edible Party Favors

…like these chocolate-covered almonds available in fun colors or white chocolate!

Chocolate almonds.

Whatever you decide to personalize and give away to your party guests who celebrate a special occasion with you… these rustic party favor bags are the perfect packaging!

I love the see-thru area on the front of the bags. And they can be customized with your own personal message, as well.

WE DO... love M&Ms! Rustic party favor bags for personalized M&Ms or any other tasty treat or party favor.

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How to make personalized M&Ms - Custom M&Ms with your own photo, message, logo, colors, quantity!


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  1. Wow…some of the people writing comments here are really, really stupid. The woman posting this is just letting folks know, she is not an employee of M&M’s nor does she process the orders. She is not here to figure out your wedding colors, or to change the format the M&M’s come to you in.

    No wonder the world thinks Americans are stupid. Scary stupid.

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