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How To Host A Fun Retro Party Using Retro Food Recipes

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By Curtis

poodle-skirt-by-Clinton-Steeds.jpg What’s old is new these days.  Why not try a retro theme the next time you throw a party, give a gift or send a card?

Whether the recipient is young or old makes no difference.  Just taking things back to an earlier point in time will bring back fond memories or give them a whole new look at how the world was back then.

At your retro party you will want to serve classic party dishes that were popular during that era. Here are some ideas:

Just about every household has a copy of the familiar red Betty Crocker Cookbook hidden in their pantry.  If you can find yours, then you have a gold mine of recipe ideas for your retro party right at your fingertips. For example, dishes like a 50’s party sandwich loaf were all the rage back then.

You can even send out retro style invitations or retro birthday cards.  The more authentic you make your retro party, the longer it will be remembered.

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