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Funny Santa Pictures – An Interesting Collection Of Pictures With Santa

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By Curtis

Santa pictures are always worth a good laugh — especially when kids are involved!



Following are some of my favorite funny Santa pictures…


Santa Pictures

While there are a few Santa pictures with screaming kids, most of these feature Santa Claus caught in some interesting places or other strange predicaments.

These are my favorite laugh-out-loud Santa pictures.



Imagine seeing these guys running down the street. They both completed a 5k race in full costume:




Bum Santa before a holiday swim event:




Santa Claus is dead?! A traumatic event for a child who truly believes yes, there is a Santa Claus:



Oops, there it is! Santa’s wardrobe malfunction:



What?… Santa died in a chimney fire?!  (That’s just not right): 




What’s with Santa’s beard? (…that looks like it got caught in a snow blizzard) And are those fake teeth?!






Admit it, if you saw this on Santa Rita Blvd, you too would be laughing! Santa delivering gifts on a motor scooter: 




Oh the horror – a flashing Santa Claus. Okay, who wants to sit on Santa’s lap?… 




Santa’s got bad breath. And he looks funny too:




Who says there has to be a sleigh? Who says there has to be a chimney?…




The best Santa expressions with screaming kids:

santa-with-deer-in-the-headlights-look-by-Scott-Clark.jpg santas-had-enough-by-Scott-Clark.jpg screaming-kids-are-nothing-for-this-santa-by-Scott-Clark.jpg



Okay, so the kids hated it, but we got the picture! And you can almost see Santa in the photo too: 



Just for laughs, check out the Top 10 Ways Not To Visit Santa Claus to see funny photos of each:

  • Bloody murder scream – one child, one Santa, and plenty of screams to go around
  • The screaming choir – multiple kids crying in Santa’s presence in unison
  • No escape – Santa’s lap is the last place the child wants to be
  • Slip sliding away – kids trying to squirm away from Santa Claus
  • The scream and reach – kids reaching for mommy to rescue them
  • What’s your problem? – Santa’s had enough
  • The scream and stare – kids in pure disbelief… and terror
  • I’m trying to be good – says the child who clearly does not want to be there
  • I gotta get out of here – kids who’ve managed to escape Santa’s grip
  • This ain’t worth minimum wage – frustrated Santas