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You'll find everything from masks and headbands to full-out costumes for iPod music players. One thing's for sure, you and your iPod will definitely be the life of the Halloween Party this year! No matter which size, style, make or model you have (iPod, Mini, Nano, Video, Shuffle), there's a costume to fit it.

A funny little Hanukkah story... plus some Hanukkah humor, including games, songs, crafts and activities for kids.

Here are some little-known fun facts about Turkeys... plus some fun Thanksgiving Day songs & audio clips.

Following are some of the world record holders across the U.S. and beyond which pertain to pumpkins and Halloween...

Funny Halloween pictures and Halloween humor.

Believe it or not, THIS was spotted on my way to work today. We're talking AUGUST... Not even late August... But rather August 16th!...

Maybe it's just 'one of those days'... or, maybe you've had too much to drink. Here's how to know for sure and how to remedy the situation. It's all about the beer!

eople, PLEASE take down your Christmas decorations. That is all.