Christmas Lights: The Good… The Bad… and The Ugly!

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Aside from the fact that people (and stores) are putting up their Christmas lights before Thanksgiving these days…

It seems that the spectacle associated with displaying holiday lights on houses across the country has taken an unusual — if not “ugly” — twist in recent years.

In fact, holiday light admirers like you & me seem to have become overly critical and judgmental of the quality (and quantity) of one’s lights.

merry christmas lights - blurry

Yep, today’s light-hanger-uppers definitely have a lot to live up to, or else they (and their light display) could end up on a list like this:

Ugly Christmas Lights: photos of holiday lights gone bad


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Fortunately, they’re not all bad…

Here’s a summary of the Good… the Bad… and the Ugly — when it comes to holiday light displays.