Ideas For Partygoers

How Drunk Are You?… Try This Online Breathalyzer Test

See what your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is by using this Online Drink Wheel. It measures what your estimated blood alcohol concentration is, based on the number of drinks you’ve had, the amount of time you drank them in, your sex and weight.

Uh Oh… Are You Wearing An Ugly Sweater?

If your collection of Christmas sweaters has grown so large you just don’t know what to do with them all, consider this: You could win BIG this holiday season! Here’s how to have some fun with your ugly sweater collection…

Best Halloween Costumes To Buy Or Make Yourself

Following are all the best funny, sexy & do-it-yourself Halloween ideas for kids, adults, couples, and their pets — including some of the coolest dog costumes around… Whether you choose to purchase one of these out-of-the-ordinary Halloween costumes online, or decide to try & make one yourself, you’re sure to get a lot of attention wearing one of these!