Lots Of Fun Adult Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

by Regina

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Hey, who says Halloween is just for kids?

Not me. I love playing dress up on this fun holiday.

When I answer the door, I always get lots of compliments. Plus, it’s neat to see the kids get a kick out of my Halloween costume each year — it makes it more fun for them, as well as for me.

As you know, Halloween is not just for the little kids, it’s for the big kids too.

If you’ll be dressing up for Halloween this year — either for a Halloween party or just for something to wear when you’re handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters — then you’ll enjoy these awesome DIY ideas for adult Halloween costumes…

  • This first one is one of the best lists for adult homemade Halloween costumes that I’ve ever seen. There are all sorts of fun ideas like: a Japanese doll, an American tourist, a bubble bath, Miss America, a crash test dummy, or how about static cling? (That one really had me laughing.) Plus, there are simple instructions for how to make each and every costume!
  • Are you looking for a few last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are easy and really quick to make? The examples included here are: a black-eyed pea, smarty pants, a Freudian slip, and a deviled egg (my personal favorite). These are all really funny and easy to put together. Need more ideas that take little or no effort?… Here are some true last-minute Halloween costume ideas that take little or no effort at all to make.
  • If creative and unusual is your thing, then you’re going to love these adult homemade costume ideas! You’ll find instructions for making a jogger that was struck by lightning, a person taking a shower, dice, dirty laundry, and a road. With these types of Halloween costume ideas, I always like to look at the initial instructions and then add a little something of my own to them. For example, with the road costume you could hang a stop sign around your neck as well, or add some other prop that goes along with the road theme.

  • If you’re more interested in being traditional on Halloween — while saving as much money as possible — then you could make your own cheap Halloween costumes. There are very simple instructions for making a bargain basement ninja, a poorhouse pirate, your evil twin, Doctor Love, or a secret agent.
  • Homemade Halloween costumes really are the best — especially since they allow you to be creative and fun. Personally, I thought the gang green costume idea was a bit gross, but I imagine the idea was to scare people in a fun way. This costume would definitely fit the bill!
  • If your aim is to win a Halloween costume contest this year, you really should look at these homemade Halloween costume ideas. There are detailed instructions for some very fun Halloween costumes including the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, a dalmatian, a bunch of grapes, a tourist, a spider, and a specially-packaged Christmas gift.
  • This group of adult Halloween costume ideas are a combination of unique and traditional, but the nice thing is they include simple instructions. Plus, a few are ones you can make on the fly in the event you’ve waited until the last minute. The ideas include: a birthday present, UPC code, baked potato, robot, mummy, elf and grapes.
  • I love the 80’s — probably because that’s when I was in high school and college.
  • If you’re looking for something a bit more disgusting this year, then you definitely want to check out these strange homemade Halloween costumes. You’ll find instructions for making a cat with kitty litter, Ugly Betty, Nick Nolte’s mug shot, or a one night stand. The last 2 are actually pretty funny. One thing’s for sure, if you choose any of these, your odds are pretty good for winning the contest for “most unique”!
  • These fast & simple last-minute Halloween costumes include lots of really cute DIY costume ideas like: a babe or chick magnet, a blackeyed pea, a car crash victim, a cereal killer, a clothesline, a dead Barbie, a deer’s revenge, Dr. Pepper, a hair ball, gum under the chair, head on a platter, a Lego block, lost & found, road kill, static cling, a speed bump, a used Q-Tip, and more!

With all these ideas for homemade adult Halloween costumes, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy and makes you want to go through your closet looking for those items that would be great for making your own Halloween costume.

I know I’m planning to put together a fun Halloween costume this year! I just can’t resist.

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