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Best FREE Pumpkin Templates For Carving Jack-O-Lanterns

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By Curtis

Some things in life really are free — including these pumpkin carving templates!

Yes, this Halloween you can carve a world class Jack-o-Lantern simply by choosing from the best free design templates found online.



Following are the best sites to find literally thousands of FREE pumpkin templates…

  • The Pumpkin Wizard is one of the most all-inclusive sites for FREE pumpkin carving templates around! Their patterns are grouped into different themes. There is definitely something for everyone at this site!
  • Better Homes and Garden has 2 different collections of pumpkin templates to choose from: First, there are 38 FREE printable pumpkin stencils (use the arrows to click through the slideshow). Second, there are 38 more stencils for pumpkin carving.
  • Hershey’s pumpkin stencils are FREE and nicely grouped into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories. This makes it easy to match the skill level of the person who’s doing the carving!
  • This Jeep-o-Lantern pumpkin carving template is great for the Jeep enthusiast in your family! Let the world know you’re a fan of the outdoors, Jeep vehicles, and offroading!
  • Sports teams pumpkin carving templates are all the rage. For example, here’s a FREE University of Tennessee template. It’s so easy, you could definitely do this one yourself. Perhaps it will inspire you to pick your favorite team logo and declare your support boldly on your own pumpkin this year.
  • Un-Halloween templates are unique things that you might want to carve onto a pumpkin. Think movie stars & musicians, patriotic themes, animals, Christian symbols, and true American heroes. They’re all FREE.
  • The Pumpkin Lady provides a handful of unique pumpkin templates for FREE. They’re located toward the bottom of the page. There are also lots of fun categories for choosing more specialized pumpkin templates. It’s a nice library of intricate pumpkin carving designs which can be download for a fee.
  • In the spirit of Halloween, this selection of FREE pumpkin templates follows the ghost and goblin theme very nicely. Plus, there are some nice words and text patterns as well.
  • Paper Pumpkins has a selection of simpler pumpkin carving stencils that the younger pumpkin carver can handle. These contain easy geometrical designs that follow the spirit of Halloween without being too difficult to accomplish. And they’re all FREE.
  • If you’ve got patience and an artistic flair, these FREE fantasy pumpkin templates are a spectacular collection of very intricate patterns for the advanced pumpkin carver. You won’t come closer to a one-of-a-kind pumpkin masterpiece than these!

Well, we’ve covered it all… from some basic designs that younger children can easily handle to very advanced works of art that are best left to the truly skilled artists.

Now you know where to find standard pumpkin templates for witches and black cats to advanced carving templates for patriotic American flags and figures — and everything in between!. I guess it’s time to head for the pumpkin patch, pick out a few nice big pumpkins, and create your own unique Jack-o-Lanterns.

Make sure to take some pictures, as they won’t last forever! And you’ll need something to inspire the next generation as they carry out your new family tradition. Pumpkin carving is an excellent family activity that everyone can enjoy.