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Really Gross Halloween Recipes & Videos

gross-halloween-recipes-by-JAGwired.jpg Following are step-by-step instructions for making some of the most gruesome looking Halloween foods that I’ve ever seen.

(And I’ve seen a lot of scary Halloween foods!)

The best part…

As gross as these foods look, they’re all 100% edible!


Gross Halloween Recipes

First, here are a few of my favorite gross Halloween recipes to try:

  • Brain Drain – combine sour apple martini mix with one part vodka. Add a fake plastic brain for the gruesome effect.
    Here’s the Brain Drain recipe.
  • Meat Feet or Meat Hand – meatloaf shaped like a large monster foot with odd-shaped nuts for the toenails and ketchup for blood. be sure to add a knife (or cleaver!) half-way sticking into the “foot” for added effect. It’s truly disgusting looking!
    Here’s the Meat Feet recipe and the Meat Hand recipe.
  • Bugs In A Blanket – breadstick dough, mini sausages, shoestring potatoes, and ketchup.
    Here’s the Bugs In A Blanket recipe.
  • Meat Head On A Platter – use ham and cream cheese (or prosciutto and mozzarella cheese) to mold it into the shape of a skull. Then add cranberry juice for that coagulated gel-like look.
    Here are some great recipes: Meat Head on a Platter #1, Meat Head on a Platter #2Meat Head on A Platter #3, and Meat Head on a Platter #4.


This next video shows how to make a Bleeding Zombie Brain using strawberry jello, cooking spray, grenadine, corn syrup, red & green food coloring, unflavored gelatin, evaporated milk, and water:


This next gross Halloween recipe shows how to make Fake Intestines using sausage casing and spaghetti:



Semi-Spooky Halloween Recipes

Next up are some Halloween recipes that aren’t quite as gross, but they’re still a bit creepy (…and FUN!) nonetheless.

In this video, see how to make Eyeball Bites using fresh vegetables (like cucumbers, carrots, and cherry tomatoes), cream cheese, and black olives:


This next video shows how to make Severed Witches Fingers using parmesan cheese, refrigerated breadstick dough, red pepper, green pepper, and some marinara sauce:


And finally, see how to make a Spider Dip Bowl using loaves of frozen bread dough:


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Supplies For Making Gross Halloween Foods