How To Come Up With The Best Halloween Costume… Ever!

by Lynnette

Halloween, Halloween costumes

Don’t do what everyone else is doing for Halloween this year.

Instead, try to get a little bit creative and come up with a fun Halloween costume yourself.

The following video provides some great tips for creating your own one-of-a-kind Halloween costume.


Some highlights from the video:



  • Think outside the box. Try to come up with a creative Halloween costume that personifies non-human things or events (like weather, signs, trends, etc.) or an abstract feeling or emotion (like happy, bankrupt, hungry, etc.)


  • Consider a group costume instead. A group costume can save you and your friends a bunch time and money — because what works for one will work for all!


  • Turn the act of coming up with a unique Halloween costume into a game. Even if you don’t get other friends involved, this can be a fun way to quickly put together the best Halloween costume from the resources that are immediately available to you. Just turn it into a challenge!


  • Simplicity is king. There’s no need to brainstorm for days over a Halloween costume, when you could simply dress the part of a hobby or activity that you already do on a regular basis (like golfing, crafting, bike riding, or weightlifting).


And now, for the visuals associated with each of these ideas, check out the video: