Homemade Food Gifts: How To Make Creative Gifts From Your Own Kitchen

by Curtis

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Who’s got the money, these days, to be buying expensive pre-packaged food gifts for every occasion?

Giving homemade food gifts created in your own kitchen adds a personal touch.

You have to admit, fresh made foods without preservatives just taste so much better too.

Here are some great frugal food gifts to make and give as gifts. Plus, some food gift baskets that are easy to make.

Food Gift Ideas

One of my favorite baking utensils is the mini-loaf pan.  It makes just the right sized loaf of specialty bread — perfect for gift giving!

For one holiday season, I made gift baskets that included a loaf each of banana bread, cranberry bread, and lemon poppyseed bread. Everybody raved over the simple baskets, and I was able to stretch a small budget, while still maintaining the holiday spirit.

Another great homemade food gift — for those times when you want to do something for a sick friend — is a mason jar filled with hearty homemade chunky chicken soup.  Tie a square of bright calico cloth over the top with a colorful ribbon, and your friend will be feeling better in no time!

To make your homemade food gifts look really professional, you can even make accurate nutritional labels.  It’s a snap, but it looks like you went to a lot of bother.

Other Great Ideas For Homemade Food Gifts

Fun Ways To Wrap Homemade Food Gifts

This video is filled with lots more fun ideas for wrapping your homemade food gifts…