Superbowl Commercials 1969 to The Present

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These days, there are a handful of websites that vow to stay on top of the behind-the-scenes chatter about upcoming Super Bowl commercials.

For example, is fairly well respected for this.

There’s no doubt about it, Superbowl commercials are hot, Hot, HOT! (We even blogged the Super Bowl commercials in real-time one year.)

If you’re looking for old Super Bowl commercials, you can give thanks to a few dedicated souls who are maintaining an archive of Superbowl commercials for all to enjoy — from this generation and the next!


Super Bowl Commercials From Years Past

Props to these Superbowl Commercial Watchdogs who keep updated databases of Superbowl commercials:

  1. To watch Superbowl commercials as far back as 1969, check out the Superbowl commercials database. They have the world’s largest archive of Super Bowl commercials.
  2. Kudos also go to this collection of the top Superbowl ads from 1980 to the present.


And now, just for fun… you can have a say in the overall ranking of Super Bowl commercials from recent years. Don’t want to vote? Then just watch the vidoes… (for FREE!)