Zombie Party Ideas: Here’s Everything You Need To Throw A Zombie Apocalypse Party


Throwing a zombie invasion party -- for Halloween or any time of year -- is the perfect way to infect your friends with a little undead fun! I encourage you to go beyond simply asking your party guests to wear zombie-themed costumes though. Instead, take it to the next level and zombify your party with: Zombie party invitations Zombie party food Zombie party decorations Zombie party favors Here are some fun ideas for planning your very own Zombie Apocalypse … [Read more...]

How To Make A Wish List / Gift Registry Online For Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding & Baby Showers: Amazon Universal Wish List!


I've been using Amazon's Universal Wish List for the past 5 years or so. It'a great way to maintain a Christmas Wish List or Birthday Wish List -- for yourself or for friends that you like to buy gifts for. It can also be used as a universal Gift Registry for an upcoming wedding shower or baby shower -- your own or someone else's. It's free. It's easy.  I absolutely love it. Here's why: … [Read more...]

How To Make A Pinata: Paper Mache Pinata Instructions + Tips + Videos


A pinata brings life to a party -- especially an outdoor party! If you're going to hang a traditional pinata indoors, then make sure that you have lots of wide open space -- such as a basement -- otherwise, your home decor could get in the way when your party guests are swinging away. Pinatas aren't that expensive to buy, but it's a lot more fun to make your own. You can also involve the kids in this fun craft project. Following are step-by-step instructions for making a variety of … [Read more...]

Natural Heart Shapes Found In Unusual Places


I know I've seen my share of heart-shaped rocks. How about you? Well, in honor of Valentine's Day (or just because I'm a sucker for hearts and love in general), I share with you these unique places that a heart shape has appeared naturally across the world. The following photos of natural heart shapes run the gamut from cloud shapes to tree shapes... food shapes to flower shapes... and everything in between. Enjoy!   photo credit   Heart of Santori (a.k.a. the … [Read more...]

Valentine Date Ideas: 3 Things NOT To Do (…Unless You Want To Get Dumped!)


While Valentine's Day may usher in bunch of romantic memories for some couples, others are not so lucky. Each year, this holiday includes its fair share of broken hearts. The worst way to end a relationship on Valentine's Day is, of course, getting dumped. So, if you are blissfully making plans for a romantic Valentine's Day date, ask yourself if you're likely to engage in any of the following behaviors. If so, your Valentine's Day plans may be headed for disaster!...   … [Read more...]