10 Awesome Ways To Decorate Football Cupcakes & Score Big At Your Superbowl Party!


Football cupcakes are all the rage -- both at tailgate parties and at the big Superbowl party you're planning for the end of this year's football season. If you're going to have friends over to watch the Superbowl game, cupcakes are a simple way to integrate team colors into your Super Bowl party food and decor. They're also the perfect way to add fun to your party while showing off your own style and creativity. The following collection of cupcake ideas, tips, and recipes will help you … [Read more...]

9 Tips For Throwing The Best Superbowl Parties


As you probably know, Superbowl is coming up, and anyone who is a sports fan is going to be huddled in front of the big screen watching it. Whether you are a football fan or just love someone who is, throwing a Super Bowl party can be one way to make watching the Superbowl even more fun. Not to mention if you work it right, you won't have to cook much -- if at all! It's a no-brainer because you can provide foods that don't require much preparation, and as such you won't be slaving over a … [Read more...]

How To Have The Best Super Bowl Party …Ever!


Okay, here's my best collection of Superbowl links. Let me know if anything is missing from this list. These should address just about every aspect of Super Bowl viewing parties -- whether you're going to a Superbowl party, or you're hosting a Superbowl party yourself. Follow along now... It's like a story -- filled with lots of useful links. … [Read more...]

Fun Football Party Food Ideas


I saw this in All You magazine... It's a fun way to make colorful (and tasty!) cupcakes for a football party. Having a viewing party for the upcoming Superbowl? These would definitely be a hit! In the magazine, they included the complete recipe for making "Big-Game Cupcakes". They don't have the recipe for these fun football cupcakes on their website, so I'm sharing it here for all to enjoy.   … [Read more...]

Fun Ways To Learn The Basics Of Football… Fast!

abby & neil invited us to his very cold Titans game vs Buffalo

Not a fan of football? As much as I hate to admit it, that's me. And as hard as people have tried through the years to convince me that watching football (in person or on TV) is a fun thing to do, I just don't buy it. I've tried front & center in the stands. I've been up close & personal on the field. I've enjoyed the luxury of skyboxes. I've had tickets to some of the biggest games that should have meant something to me. … [Read more...]

Blogging Super Bowl Commercials


NOTE: Super Bowl XL was the most watched Superbowl in 10 years with over 90 million viewers! Since some people have been talking about it - we thought that we would take a shot at blogging the Super Bowl Commercials. We'll attempt everything past the opening kickoff.....up until halftime... here we go! … [Read more...]

Superbowl Commercials 1969 to The Present


These days, there are a handful of websites that vow to stay on top of the behind-the-scenes chatter about upcoming Super Bowl commercials. For example, Chiff.com is fairly well respected for this. There's no doubt about it, Superbowl commercials are hot, Hot, HOT! (We even blogged the Super Bowl commercials in real-time one year.) If you're looking for old Super Bowl commercials, you can give thanks to a few dedicated souls who are maintaining an archive of Superbowl commercials for … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Recipes: The BEST Buffalo Wings & One-of-a-Kind Cocktails Just For Football Fans


The following recipe for Buffalo Wings was originally posted on Nick Bakay's Xtra Large Blog at Superbowl.com. Actor/writer/comedian Nick Bakay, whose 'Manly House of Football' segments can be seen regularly on NFL Network, will be a major voice on Superbowl.com throughout the week. Since it doesn't look like they're preserving any archives of his stuff, I fear that this great recipe will vanish into thin air in a couple days. Therefore, today's post is in honor of Nick Bakay and his … [Read more...]