Holiday Shortcuts And Food Prep Tips For Cooking & Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Over the years, I’ve hosted holiday parties many times and I’d like to share a few stress-free tips that will make your Thanksgiving dinner a smashing success. These are my best tips regarding food prep and cooking for dinner hosts who will be preparing the big meal on Thanksgiving Day…

Food Gift Baskets That Are Easy To Make

Whenever someone goes to a lot of trouble to put together a big dinner or party, it’s always nice to take along a hostess gift — food baskets are great! You don’t have to buy a fancy gift basket. There are many affordable hostess gifts that you can make yourself. Here are some food gift baskets that you can make and your hostess will love.

Tips For Planning Thanksgiving Dinner That Includes Turkey And Vegetarian Options

Last year’s Thanksgiving dinner was my first time cooking for vegetarians. After a little research, I found that I could plan Thanksgiving dinner that would make all of my guests — vegetarians included — feel comfortable and satisfied when they left the table. I just had to do a few things differently…

Thanksgiving Dinner Planner: A Checklist Of Things To Do Leading Up To Thanksgiving Day

The following tips will help you get through the day and still give you time to entertain your guests.

The trick is to plan early and do things in stages… In fact, as soon as Halloween is over, you should start thinking about your Thanksgiving dinner plans.